Come, Lord Jesus

A prayer of Advent by Fr. Drew Wood


Come, Lord, to heal.                            I am so wounded.

Come, Lord, to teach.                          I am so confused.

Come, Lord, to love me.                      I am so lonely.

Come, Lord, to strengthen.                I am very weak.

Come, Lord, to forgive.                       I am so ashamed.

Help me forgive.                                  I am so bitter.

Come, Lord, to console.                     I am stricken with grief.

Come to encourage.                            I am so tired.

Come, Lord, to inspire.                      I am sad and listless.

Come to bring peace.                         I am restless and anxious.

Come, Lord, give me courage.         I am afraid.

Come to deliver me.                          I feel oppressed.

Come, Lord, to reconcile.                 I am divided from those I love.




This prayer was sent to me by my little sister and as I read it, I felt so connected to each line. Advent is often associated with joy, as we await the birth of Our Lord and Savior, but as joy-filled as this season is, it also falls at the end of the year. That means some of us may feel like we are just limping towards Christmas with whatever little bit of energy we have left after a long year of ups and downs.

I know that there are some people who might be finding it difficult to enter into the joy of Christmas with so many burdens and struggles still present in their lives. I was thinking about Mother Mary and St. Joseph who experienced tremendous suffering prior to Jesus’ birth. They must have been exhausted after such a long journey to Bethlehem, only to be met with rejection as they searched for a place to rest and bring their son into the world. This time of preparing for the coming of their son was filled with unanticipated trials and wasn’t exactly a “holly jolly” time for them. If you are suffering because of various trials in your life right now, be at peace, because Mother Mary and St. Joseph are with you and they understand. Ask them for greater joy this season and for your heart to be open to receiving their Son in an intimate way.

I think as we reflect on Jesus’ birth, we should take time to meditate on the words of this prayer and really ask Jesus to come rejuvenate these areas of our hearts that need His presence in a special way. Come touch our lonely hearts. Come help us to forgive. Come remind us that we are loved. This prayer is exactly why Jesus came into the world. He came into the world to redeem the world, and He wants to come into each of our hearts to redeem the areas that have been so beaten down, so badly hurt, so filled with sadness or shame or grief. Christmas isn’t a time of joy because of the lights or gifts or cookies (though I love all those things), it is a time of joy because we have a Savior that chose to come into our broken, messy world so that He could light the way to Heaven for each of us. He comes to bring us hope and reminds us to REJOICE always because we are His children and we are loved.

We all have endured many things this past year. And there are many needs we still carry in our hearts this Christmas. As we remember the greatest miracle, that of our Lords birth, let us  also ask Jesus for the miracles that we need in our own lives. I am praying that my husband and I can hold our own baby in our arms next Christmas, and even though my arms and womb are empty now, that we would be filled with the joy of holding baby Jesus close to us.

I am also praying for continued protection over all my loved ones, deep healing in my family, and an increase in joy in all of our hearts. And I am praying for each of you and your intentions. Let us not hold back our intentions or desires from our Lord. He wants to enter our hearts, however messy He may find them.

What are your needs? What are your prayers? What are you grateful for this Christmas? Jesus comes to restore, to give hope, to bring joy back into our hearts this Christmas. Let us make room for Jesus in our hearts and in our homes.

“Before the birth of Jesus, His parents asked for a simple dwelling place, but there was none. If Mary and Joseph were looking for a home for Jesus, would they choose…your heart, and all that it holds?” –St. Teresa of Calcutta

2018 Drewe DeJesus

Photo by Ben White from Freely Photos