Author: Anita Guariglia

The “Warrior’s Cry for Life”

The “Warrior’s Cry for Life” is exactly that. . .a cry for life against the unseen enemy of the coronavirus but also for the unseen enemy against “life” itself. It is a fight against the “Culture of Death” as St. Pope John Paul II delivered in his message on March 25, 1995.
We are in a battle and it is time for all of us to rise up and join forces with St. Michael and all the Holy Angels. It is a matter of life and death.

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The Antidote

As “fear” and “panic” grips the hearts of all people of the world, Jesus Christ is the “true antidote” that will help us to survive these incredulous times. We “run” to Him now through prayer and spiritual communions gripping the Rosary in our hands as our weapon to fight through this horrific battle. There is no other way! This is the spiritual way, not the worldly way.

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