Author: Anita Guariglia

Holy Souls and Cloistered Hearts – Part I

In this month of the Holy Souls, one such holy soul that I never met physically but was united to “spiritually” is given praise for the wonderful life that she led in giving to others through her book “The Cloistered Heart” and also her blogspot entitled “The Cloistered Heart.” In Part II, I will go on to share my own personal experience with this wonderful soul and how a beautiful friendship evolved between both of us through connecting through a blog!

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Go Make a Difference

“Go Make a Difference” are “chorus lyrics” from a song written by Steve Angrisano and Tom Tomaszek that should be a recessional song at every Mass for the faithful to exit back into the world with. It’s a song that voices the spirit of hope and of peace and it was sung in the living room of my home on a hot summer’s night the last Friday of the month of August. It was belted out by 34 people with “Jesus” in their hearts and a great “light” in their eyes. A “light” to be seen by the world and not to be hidden!

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I Come As Mother and Sister

The Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima visits my home but comes in a totally different way than any other time before. She comes as “Mother and Sister, Not as Queen” and for the next six weeks covers us with her mantle and shows us in a concrete way how much we are loved by both her and Jesus. She invites us to come to the “School of Virtue” and bestows upon us treasures of grace who trust in her motherly heart.

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Star Light – Star Bright

Star Light – Star Bright – First star I see tonight would be a memory that would surface up in my heart and mind as I remembered my son making a wish as we vacationed out in Montauk, Long Island. Twenty Five years later, he would be present at the bedside of his Dad hearing a request that I’m sure he wished that he never heard or that he could have been wishing upon a star for a better ending.

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