Author: Anita Guariglia

Way to Calvary

The Way to Calvary is the way that Jesus walked to his death and resurrection. As followers of Christ, we too, shall walk this same journey of dying into rising. We, too, will have our own “personal stations of the cross” to walk. This comes to us in many ways. . .and I share how it came personally to my own husband through the diagnosis of a rare blood cancer in the bone marrow.

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Behold Your Mother – Part II

Behold Thy Mother are words that Jesus spoke not only to St. John from the Cross but to each and every one of us as well. Mary is not only the Mother of Jesus, but She is mother to us all and wants to gently “hold our hands” and guide us through our life journey if we but just slip our hands into hers. She will help us in our joys and sorrows and always brings us to the heart of her Son.

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Behold Your Mother – Part I

On this Mother’s Day of 2018, I would like to give tribute to the “Mother of us all” that was bequeathed to us at the foot of the Cross. Jesus spoke the following words to St. John and the Blessed Mother as he hung suffering and dying for our sins. . .”Woman, behold Your Son,”. . .”Son, behold your Mother.” She wants to help us all in our everyday wants and needs but also to help us finish our journey here on earth and arrive safely to the Heavenly Kingdom of Her Son.

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Jesus I Trust In You – Part III

As my husband was going through a grave and risky surgery, I found myself praying the rosary in the hospital’s ecumenical chapel. As the beads slipped through my fingers, I found myself meditating on the fourth Luminous mystery. . .the Transfiguration. It was then that I heard the words interiorly within, “I am making of Rob a new man.” Words that would give me hope and the strength to return back to the waiting room and sit vigil until the doctor would come out and give us the good news of a successful operation on my husband.

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