Author: Frances Peterson

Health Tips for Virus Season

Don’t panic. Instead, inform yourself, your family and community and find healthy, non-toxic ways to help boost your immune system and stay healthy. God has given us many natural remedies from His beautiful creation to help us. Click on inside and take a gander. I’ll bet you already know some of these!

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Soul Gardening Tips – Part 2 “Weeds In My Garden”

I surveyed the backyard and was overcome by the thousands and thousands of weeds in my garden. I had tried all through winter to weed small areas to avoid a full on rebellion come winter rains and spring warmth. I sighed. Then I got excited. This was the perfect analogy for my blog I realized. I never would have rejoiced over weeds before blogging but now laugh at my new perspective, “Weeds? A blessing??” Perhaps weeds are a blessing in disguise. They are my wake up call!

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