Author: Deacon Lawrence

The Hero’s Journey of the Spirit – part XII

Every good hero story builds up to a great ordeal, a battle with the villain. Our spiritual hero’s quest is no exception. The journey of the Spirit is an inward journey and the great battle we must win is often against our own fears and doubts. This is when the hero risks everything. He must draw on all his skills and experiences, which he has gathered along the way, to overcome his greatest challenge.

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The Hero’s Journey of the Spirit – Part III

Screenwriters tell two stories. First there is the “A” story. The “A” story is all the action, intrigue, comedy, drama and romance that we see up the screen. But alongside all the action and drama there is another story being told, the “B” story. The “B” story is what is referred to as the “Character Arc.” The “B” story is about the evolution of the character from one state to another.

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