A Whittler, Some Fish, and Our Meager Gifts

Andrew teaches us. Remember that Jesus created wine from water at Cana. And he used mud and spittle to cure a blind man. God requires us to bring what we have, however small or meager, so that His love can transform it and return it to us in good measure, flowing over. God does not perform miracles for us while we sit idly by. We are to take an active part in our own salvation.

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The Devil, Abraham Lincoln, and the Truth

We must remember that the “teachings of the Church,” or to put it another way, the Truth, does not belong to the Church. The Truth belongs to God. It is the duty and responsibility of the Church, the bride of Christ, to teach the Truth to God’s children.
The teachings of the Church cannot be behind the times because they are the teachings of God and God transcends time.

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