Jesus I Trust In You – Part III

As my husband was going through a grave and risky surgery, I found myself praying the rosary in the hospital’s ecumenical chapel. As the beads slipped through my fingers, I found myself meditating on the fourth Luminous mystery. . .the Transfiguration. It was then that I heard the words interiorly within, “I am making of Rob a new man.” Words that would give me hope and the strength to return back to the waiting room and sit vigil until the doctor would come out and give us the good news of a successful operation on my husband.

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Love Their Walls Down

Have you ever met someone where you can just sense that they’re really guarded? Maybe they seem like they’re keeping you at a distance or not wanting to get too close? I’ll never forget one of the young ladies I worked with when I first started counseling. Through this one girl and the countless others that I have since worked with who carry similar stories, I have learned a lot about people’s walls and the power of love.

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