The Hero’s Journey of the Spirit – Part III

Screenwriters tell two stories. First there is the “A” story. The “A” story is all the action, intrigue, comedy, drama and romance that we see up the screen. But alongside all the action and drama there is another story being told, the “B” story. The “B” story is what is referred to as the “Character Arc.” The “B” story is about the evolution of the character from one state to another.

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He Is the Potter and I Am the (Resistant) Clay

The Reluctant Diva . . . I guess it’s time to get my hand’s dirty. This post is my blogger’s introduction. Our Lady of Lourdes asked Bernadette to dig in the mud. You are the potter and I am the clay?. All this dirt–what’s a Diva to do? Would you entrust yourself to a God with dirt on His hands? Welcome in and remember to wipe your feet.

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