You’re Gonna Be Okay

From the moment I listened to it, the song haunted me. I felt as if it was my “theme song” for what I was living through. I have not been able to stop listening to it nor praying with it.  I am hooked!  I play it in my car and I play it in my home the minute I walk in the door.  And I know you shall too. . . for it applies to every one of us and our hearts no matter where we find ourselves right now.  In whatever situation we are in. . .hope can be grasped from this song sung by Jenn Johnson.

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What the Blind Man Sees

And He did not just say, “Be healed” or put his hand on the blind man’s eyes. He spat on some dirt on the ground and made a kind of clay. He smeared it on the blind man’s eyes and told him to go wash the clay off in a river. The man did what Jesus told him to do, and, lo and behold, he could see. But keep in mind, this man has never actually seen Jesus.

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