Category: A Hand to Hold through Your Life’s Journey (by Anita Guariglia)

Heartbeats – Part 1

The new passing of the “Heartbeat Law” in Texas and a recent dream sent out to a “Call to the Desert for 40 Days.” The 40 days are a “Call to Prayer” for life from the womb to the tomb.
It’s a call to Truth and a living out of the human dignity bestowed upon us from the Creator of All Life. We can act upon this Call and put an end to abortion by our sacrifice, prayer and fasting and standing “witness” before all abortion clinics.

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Calling All Nightwatchers

The subject of this particular blog comes to me through the “Finder” on my computer. When trying to locate another document. . .the title “Eagle and Nightwatchers” pops up and draws me into an old letter written in 2011 to a priest friend. The letter applied then and more importantly it applies in the “now.” It is addressed to you with a question of great importance and waits for your answer of “yes” to change the world and the United States of America with the fruit of your prayers in the Bethany’s of your homes!

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The Keys of Life

Within the pages of a retreat book entitled “Your Life is Everlasting . . .Let it Make a Difference” by Pierre Marie Dumont, I find myself “rolling in the deep” of a spirit of deep thanksgiving and gratitude to Jesus for all the gifts of joys and sorrows in my life. This propels me to write 36 pages worth of “thank you’s” to my Creator for the gift of my life . . .not only the joys but the sorrows as well and produces a pouring out of love not only within my soul but a pouring out on others.

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