Category: A Hand to Hold through Your Life’s Journey (by Anita)

Angels of Peace

Reflecting on the Fires of Hell. . .we are brought to contemplate the “Angel of Peace” who came one year before the actual apparitions began in Portugal in 1917 to the three shepherd children. He comes with prayers for reparation and for conversion of sinners. He asks the children when finding them playing in the fields. . .”What are you doing?” He exhorts them, “Pray, Pray Very Much!” We ask ourselves the very same question now at this point of history. . .”What are we doing?”

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“Save Us From the Fires of Hell”

Reflecting on the wildfires burning in the United States on the West Coast, it brings me to reflect on the “fires of Hell”. . .pertaining to the existence of hell and what the Catholic Church tells us in the Catechism. I further explore the Fatima vision of hell as shown to the three shepherd children by the Blessed Mother on July 13, 1917.

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