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What’s In Your Hands?

Thinking about a prior post on the idea that “Jesus has the whole world in His Hands,” I pondered the thought of what was I holding. What was I holding onto and what was cupped in my own hands during these times that we are living through. The end result of that pondering was powerfully an answer from Jesus during a “middle of the night” prayer and holding in my own hands. . the book, He and I. Jesus spoke and in this blog I hope to invite you to grab His hands and receive Him. . .Body and Blood in the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist.

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The “Essential Time of This Advent”

An image of a clock at a passenger train station leads me to an appointed time with Jesus for this time of Advent. It is an “essential time” where I find no locked doors to Churches but open doors that lead right into my living room for “sacred time” spent with my best friend leading up to Christmas Day.

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Faith Looks Up

A captivating image is featured showing a man in prayer before a darkened sky filled with clouds and patches of blue. As he offers his rosary to his loving God in grateful thanksgiving, God responds to this soul with a miraculous masterpiece painted in the sky. . .bright white light casting down with streams of pink rays.

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