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Corona Comfort

Corona Comfort The heart of light was my comfort in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. God is bringing good from this pandemic and here is my story for proof. In the very bleak darkness of the Corona virus pandemic I looked at my tv screen and saw a heart of...

Prayer Before Sacrificing Myself – Part 2

Is Mass boring for you? Here is the antidote. There are some easy ways to decode the mystery of Mass to help it come alive for you both during Mass and even after. For an exciting adventure with Holy Mass, please step inside.

Prayer Before Sacrificing Myself

Sacrifice Is Helpful? It may seem odd to read “prayer before sacrificing myself” but let me please explain. I was given a most helpful prayer to say before Holy Mass. I was so taken with it that I considered it a treasure and immediately put it into my wallet so as...

Notre Dame Will Rise Again

Come see the miracles arising from the great fire of 2019! The Notre Dame Cathedral fire will yet amaze you with all that God is bringing forth from it. A cathedral burning does not usually bring forth thoughts of rebirth, miracles and saved treasures. Come and see! There is always good news for a Christian.