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Notre Dame Will Rise Again

Come see the miracles arising from the great fire of 2019! The Notre Dame Cathedral fire will yet amaze you with all that God is bringing forth from it. A cathedral burning does not usually bring forth thoughts of rebirth, miracles and saved treasures. Come and see! There is always good news for a Christian.

Soul Gardening Tips – Part 2 “Weeds In My Garden”

I surveyed the backyard and was overcome by the thousands and thousands of weeds in my garden. I had tried all through winter to weed small areas to avoid a full on rebellion come winter rains and spring warmth. I sighed. Then I got excited. This was the perfect analogy for my blog I realized. I never would have rejoiced over weeds before blogging but now laugh at my new perspective, “Weeds? A blessing??” Perhaps weeds are a blessing in disguise. They are my wake up call!

Soul Gardening Tips Part 1

Lent is coming! Lent is coming! Oh no! Don’t fear Lent is not as scary as many think. In fact, come into the garden and find out what the word Lent really means! This secret garden is closer to you than you think!

Soul Soil Samples

Have you been avoiding your inner garden? Hmm? Jesus is giving gardening advice and just in time too since Lent, which means springtime, is on its way soon. Check in here to learn about soul soil types and find out what you have in your heart. Don’t be afraid. Its fun to play in the dirt. Come on! Let’s dig in!