Yes, you read that right!  Dreams, jewels and rosaries! That’s what I would like to share with you in this blog.

However, before I go into the “dream” aspect of this story, I need to give you a little background about the dreamer that I was way back in my teens and, really still am today!

It seems God always spoke to me in my dreams whether they were warnings about some kind of future event or even a teaching of some sort that I needed to know for my present day to day activities.  At least three of these dreams dealt with either a boyfriend’s death in high school, my dad’s death or my husband’s illness. In all three dreams, I knew I was being forewarned and it was almost like being strapped into a roller coaster knowing full well what would lie ahead for me and those I dreamt of.

Then my dreams seemed to enter into the spiritual realm of teaching. That is the case with the one that I wish to relate now. So strap yourself in for a ride that can only bring peace, joy, and lots of jewels into your life.

The Invitation – All Saints Day

Sometime in the early hours of “All Saints Day” on Friday, November 1st, I dreamt of being back at St. Ignatius Retreat House where I had worked for eight years. It had been a beautiful mansion built by the Brady family who donated it to the Jesuits. The Jesuits turned it into a retreat house and conference center. It was a blessed and sacred place to enter into each morning to work in the “vineyard of the Lord.” 

I found myself back there once again wandering in the ornate hallways and meeting up with two women, one seemed to be older who had a younger girl with her. They had envelopes in their hands and were giving them out.  As I passed by, they handed me one.  It was a white envelope with a heart on it.  I remembered my friend, Mary Ellen, was with me and so I asked for an envelope for her as well.

I would realize when discerning the dream, that it was an “invitation” from the Blessed Mother. It was going to be a “heart-to-heart” in the School of Mary.

 The Rosaries and the Necklace

As Mary Ellen and I walked away, the envelopes turned into boxes.

As we gazed into each of the boxes that we held, I found a jeweled necklace and Mary Ellen found  a very large white rosary that seemed to have another one within its circle of beads.  

She offered me that one and as I took the beads, I found yet two more within the rosary that I held in my hands.  In total we now had four separate rosaries. 

Could the four rosaries possibly mean the representation of the “Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries?”  It seemed so!




The Trunk of the Car

We then found ourselves cleaning out a trunk of a car.  It seemed we were going on a trip together and the trunk needed quite a cleaning.  We found mounds of dirt and dust and were scooping it out to make sure the space would be clean enough to place our bags in. It seemed to be a never ending job. An on-going job, the job of conversion of souls, the “pilgrimage” of our lives here on earth as we make our way back to the “Eternal Kingdom of God.”

The Wake Up Call

The dream came to an end after the “trunk” had been cleaned and I found myself with eyes wide open on the morning of November 1st with this dream swirling around in my head.

So What Did It All Mean To Me?

What Was My Discernment?  



I believe it was a Clarion Call for Battle on All Saints Day.

It was a little lesson in the School of Mary.

I believe I slept in Her arms that early morning of All Saints Day and the Blessed Mother spoke to my heart.

She gave me a beautiful teaching on the Rosary and what she wanted me to share with others. . .

Especially you dear soul, You!!!

What Was The Lesson?

I believe “Mama” was showing me the importance of the Rosary once again.  She was showing me the importance of all four mysteries, the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious.  She was also showing me how to “clean out the trunk” of my soul by praying the rosary and thereby obtaining the “jeweled necklace” which I could only understand to be the obtaining of virtues leading to the salvation of my soul.

She revealed to me the powerhouse of graces that will flood our souls if we but pray with open hearts  asking for her graces as we recite and reflect on the life of Jesus and apply it to our own.  The rosary truly contains the Gospels and is a mini-scripture held in the palms of our hands.

Gems and St. Catherine of Laboure

I think it now worthy to reflect on the following accounting from the apparition of the Blessed Mother to  St. Catherine of Laboure and the mission given to her to have a Miraculous Medal struck. The part cited below concerns “gems” and seems to fit in perfectly with my dream.

In the second apparition of the Blessed Mother to St. Catherine in 1830, the following is an account of “rays streaming from the hands of Mary:”

 Streaming from rings on Mary’s fingers as she held the globe were many rays of light. Mary explained that the rays symbolize the graces she obtains for those who ask for them. However, some of the gems on the rings were dark, and Mary explained that the rays and graces were available but did not come because no one had asked for them.”

Let Us Not Delay – Let Us Ask

Let us ask with open hearts and let us ask for all the graces that the Blessed Mother wants to give us  in the recitation of her rosary. She has “gems” to give us, necklaces of jewels that symbolize the fruits of our prayers and virtues that we can obtain to run the race.  She gives us all heartfelt invitations to “listen to her call” now.  Right Now!

The Battle Cry is On!

There is no doubt in my mind why I had this dream on All Saints Day.  The message was not only from “Mama” but from  All the Saints that have gone before us. They are cheering us on and showing us what we need to use to fight the battle not only in our personal lives but for the salvation of souls.

It certainly was not a coincidence that my dream began with the invitation at St. Ignatius Retreat House to enter into the Rosary in a more profound and deeper way from the Blessed Mother.

St. Ignatius is definitely one of our great Saints! He began his life as a Spanish soldier fighting many a battle. Then after being hurt very seriously, he had a major conversion, thereby entering into the priesthood and co-founding the Jesuit order. He is well known for the writing of The Spiritual Exercises.

I close with St. Ignatius’ beautiful prayer of “Battle” for our times and the words of Pope Pius XII.  It is not a coincidence that in the year 1936,  Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, who would later become Pope Pius XII actually visited and stayed  at the Brady Mansion (pictured above) also known as “Inisfada” which means Long Island.

Prayer of St. Ignatius

Lord, teach me to fight

and not to heed the wounds,

to toil and not to seek for rest,

to labour and not to ask for reward,

save that of knowing that I do your will.




©2019 Anita Guariglia

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Inisfada photo taken from personal collection/Anita Guariglia

Association of Miraculous Medal/Quote from Second Apparition

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