Angels! Earthly and Heavenly!

Yes, that’s all that has been on my mind along with the words “Thy Will Be Done.”  It all stems from that powerful dream that I had in the early morning hours of Holy Thursday while I slept peacefully.  Was my dream peaceful?  I would have to answer both “yes” and “no.”


I guess I would have to refer back to the dream where I saw three huge angels with wings like 747’s flying high above my head. They had bows and arrows they were aiming down into the direction of homes and roads in my neighborhood. Were they shooting them at us?  I don’t think so.  What were they shooting arrows at and why?

Since Jesus ascended into Heaven before the eyes of the apostles and all those present, we have been known to be living in the “last days.”

We know through Holy Scripture and prophecies down through the ages up to the present time that there is predicted a terrible struggle.

To be clearer, I would like to quote from the book, St. Michael and the Angels,

We can realize the bitterness of the leader of the hosts of evil and the fierceness of the combats through which the Christians themselves will pass. Satan shall be loosed from prison, we are told.  This is interpreted to mean that during the short time before the end, there will be a lessening of that measure of restraint which had been placed upon him with the advent of Christ.

“‘And he shall come forth to lead astray the nations which are in the four corners of the earth’ (Apoc. XX, 7,8).  The number of his followers will be as the sands of the sea, and St. John beheld them in vision going up over the breadth of the earth and encompassing the camp of the saints and the beloved city. Then it is that God’s Moment shall have arrived.”

“But as for that day and hour, nobody knows it,

neither the angels of heaven,

nor the Son, no one but the Father only.”

Matthew 24:36

“But as for that day and hour, nobody knows it.” Nobody!

Yet we are seeing and living globally in unprecedented times. The Coronavirus has called forth earthly angels and heavenly angels, both fighting at the “front lines.” 

Here in New York State we are just now hearing numbers in the hundreds of those dying daily from this terrible and horrific virus and that surely is a number of a “cry for life.”  However, just weeks ago, the daily number for New York State was in the nine hundreds.  Hard to believe, yet it was happening here all around us. The list is endless of how we have been affected in closings of non-essential business.  We found ourselves locked out of churches, yet Home Depot stores and Garden Centers were open. . . along with Planned Parenthood.  Right there is a fierce battle and cry of life.

We found our schools closed, graduations cancelled, proms cancelled, elective surgeries cancelled and the experience of “food shopping” was one for a Twilight Zone episode. Most of all we faced the “6 ft. separation” between those we loved.  I will never forget my oldest son Rob coming over, masked and not being able to hug and kiss me hello. It was surreal not to hold my son in my arms in an embrace.

Yet, the earthly angels have fought for us. They have been battling at the front lines and they have, with “God’s Divine Hand,” brought the numbers down of those dying daily from this horrific pandemic.

The Emergence

But now we need to call on the Heavenly Angels more than ever. We need their help more than ever now as we begin to emerge out of our “cloistered spaces” and back out into the “world.” Can we do that alone?  Certainly not!  We do not know what to expect or if this virus will prove more deadly once we get out there again and the answer seems to be “nobody knows.”  For some, that is a hard pill to swallow.

What Do We Do Now?

What do we do when we hear the following news as of today, May 21st in New York State?

NEW YORK, NY — New York is allowing religious groups to resume having small gatherings, as well as drive-in and parking lot services as the state continues to see a slowing spread of the coronavirus.

Churches, synagogues, mosques and more will be allowed to have gatherings of up to 10 people statewide, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday. The order is effective immediately, he said. Strict social distancing measures will continue to be enforced and all participants must wear masks. Additionally, drive-in and parking lot services will also be allowed beginning Thursday.

It’s hard to conceive how only 10 people will be able to attend religious services within the walls of churches, synagogues and mosques. I see a “drive in” effect happening here in huge parking lots with Holy Mass being celebrated at the forefront but, thanks be to God, I am not the one in charge to make those decisions that will affect the lives and souls of others.

So again, what do we do?


We Call on St. Michael & The Angels  

We immerse ourselves into “knowing” our Guardian Angels in a better more intimate way and we also call on St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and all the Holy Angels like we have never done before.

Hasten to help us! We implore all you holy angels. . .

Hasten to help us as we emerge back out into the world not knowing what lies before us.

Hasten to help all the medical doctors and nurses who have worked long and tedious hours doubling shifts and not being present to their own families. Help all government officials globally and those that will make decisions that will affect what the “new normal” will look like.

Hasten to help all peoples to know and to call on God to practice their faith, whether it be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or whatever faith they have been raised in or not raised in.

I leave you with three entreaties to the three Archangels, short little prayers but each are mighty intercessions when prayed with the heart but first a prayer to Mary, Queen of the Angels.

“We beg you, Mediatrix of all Graces and all powerful Intercessor, bring these our petitions to the throne of the Most High that we may find grace, salvation and help during this coronavirus pandemic!” Amen

Saint Michael, the Archangel, Prince of the heavenly hosts, conqueror of the infernal dragon, you received from God the strength and power to destroy with humility the pride of the powers of darkness.  We implore you, help us to true humility of heart, to unshakable fidelity to fulfill always the will of God, and to fortitude in sufferings and trials. Help us to stand before the judgement seat of God!

Saint Gabriel, the Archangel, angel of the Incarnation, faithful messenger of God, open our hearts to even the gentle warnings and appeals of the heart of our Lord. Stand ever before us, we implore you, that we may properly understand the word of God, follow and obey it, and fulfill that which God expects of us.  Help us to watchful readiness so that when the Lord comes, He may not find us sleeping!

Saint Raphael, the Archangel, arrow and medicine of Divine Love, wound our hearts, we implore you, with the burning love of God and let this wound never heal, so that even in daily life we might always remain upon the path of love and overcome all things through love!

Holy Guardian Angel, Help us in the battle with the powers of darkness, who insidiously stalk and oppress us! Help us that none of us may be lost, but rather, rejoicing, we may one day be united in eternal happiness.

And I close with a “Mighty Video” filmed at Mt. Gargano at the Shrine of St. Michael in Italy!

A breathtaking scene of the “Sword of St. Michael”. . .

the True Relic of the Cross of Jesus


Jesus Present in the Monstrance

Asking for An End to the Pandemic of the Coronavirus


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Quote taken from book/ St. Michael and the Angels

Youtube of St. Michael’s Shrine in Mt. Gargano, Italy