When Msgr. Michael and Fr. Alex left my home that Friday evening, I could not help but think to myself, “What just happened here tonight?”  The events of the past week were beginning to bear fruit especially with their surprise visit. I was seeing clearly that this visitation of the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima to my home was going to be one like no other.  I prayed that night that I would remain open and docile to the Holy Spirit’s prodding of my heart.

The next morning as I came down the staircase into my living room where Our Lady’s statue was, I noticed that her crown was tilting forward on her head. She spoke to my heart once again with the following words, “I Come as Mother and Sister, Not As Queen.”  These words took my breath away and were close to being scandalous to me.  I wondered what I was to do next. Did she want me to remove the crown? It seemed so!!!  I robotically went to get a ladder and climbed up so I could take the crown off her head. My featured image above displays the result of that task!

 I thought of the words that Jesus spoke from the Cross to St. John:

Then to the disciple he said, “This is your mother.”

And from that moment the disciple made a place for her in his home.”

John 19:27

I have always had a great love and devotion to the Mother of God. That was a defining factor for me to answer with an emphatic “Yes!” to Christine Watkins in blogging for Queen of Peace Media. I also could answer with an emphatic “Yes!” that I have made a place for the Mother of God in my own heart as well as here in my home. Something different was happening now, and I needed to receive some clarity in understanding what this was all about.

Understanding came the next day on Sunday morning, July 1st, the Feast of the Precious Blood of Jesus. Again, I heard the whisperings in my heart tell me that “She was not wearing her mantle, because she wanted it to be worn by all who would come to visit here with her.” I was taken aback. I knew I could never make up those words all by myself. And yet, in my heart of hearts, I realized, “Yes, Mama, you came here as Mother and Sister to minister to us in these crazy times that we seem to be living through here on earth.

For an unheard of six week stay, Mother Mary ministered with her Son, to over 90 people  who came daily to visit. Everyone that came wore the mantle. There was a deep reverence and love when one was draped with her beautiful raiment. You felt the Mother of God literally covering each person with her great love, gentleness, and care as they prayed before her statue in my living room. She was protecting us and manifested that to us in such a concrete way. We were moved beyond comprehension. Many times, I would just gaze at the faces around the room and I did not need to hear words to understand what was happening interiorly to each soul. It was clearly marked on their faces of peace.

When a visitor arrived into my living room, we would pray the rosary altogether. On July 1st, only a couple of days after our mother’s arrival, we began to read passages from the book He and I by Gabrielle Bossis.  Gabrielle was a Catholic Mystic and layperson who lived in France in the 20th Century between 1874-1950. She obtained a nursing degree and enjoyed the fine arts. She also wrote plays and acted. During her lifetime, she heard the voice of Christ. Then in 1936, at age 62, a dialogue ensued between them. This dialogue lasted until her death on June 9, 1950.

Gabrielle wrote He and I as a journal that consists of conversations between she and Jesus.  As written on a “leaflet” explaining the contents of the book, it states:

Here we breath the sweet fragrance of Christ.”

Below is a sampling of an entry from the book. The words of Gabrielle are in italics and words of Jesus follow in bold:

December 24th – I was reading, 

“Mary had a faith that no other human being will ever have.”

“All that a mother has also belongs to her children.

Have you ever met a mother who refused to share? She gives you everything if you ask her.


So grow rich through her, for My glory, My poor little girl.”

So it seemed that mother Mary was bringing words of her Son to us during this visit. We would reflect on these words from He and I, as written by Gabrielle, after we prayed the rosary together. We knew as we turned to her motherly heart and confided our pains to her that Mary was blessing us with grace upon grace. Surely this was a school of love for all who visited. And as Jesus stated to Gabrielle, “we were growing rich through her visit.”

I remember sitting with a couple of friends and before we began to pray, we were lamenting over the negative happenings in our lives and how they were affecting us interiorly. We prayed the rosary together in unison but it would be the next day when I was alone that I was given an answer by Jesus when I opened up to the following entry in He and I (Again, the words of Gabrielle are in italics and words of Jesus follow in bold):

April 26, 1945 – “Lord, Your poor little girl, Your poor image is here before You,

yearning for You with all the strength of her being.”

“Have you noticed how people talk among themselves, discussing all their personal affairs? They spend so much time this way and it does them so little good. Don’t you think that if they gave themselves to Me, their Friend, I should rejoice to have My place in their thoughts and I should know how to reward their confidence in abundance? Don’t you think it would create a moment to moment intimacy between them and Me, and this would be a joy for them, because close to Me their lives would lose their tension.”

You understand? It would be life together with Me – I carrying the heavy end of things. So again I say: speak with Me, My little ones.  Speak with Me. And our hearts will Merge. Isn’t this the aim of My Christians? Isn’t that why you want to die? Then begin living this heart-oneness. Seize upon every opportunity. Find every pretext. You aren’t bold enough. For some of you it is because you are indifferent.”

WOW!!!  All I can say is that the Divine Third was with us in that living room the evening before. As the weeks continued to unfold this past summer, He continued to be with us teaching us through the words recorded in the journal of Gabrielle Bossis. In the next posting, I will continue to share the happenings of the miraculous that seemed to be unfolding each new day during those six weeks, and that seems to continue to the present day with our Mother and Sister and her son Jesus still visiting our hearts and teaching them with their great love.

Below a beautiful image taken by a friend of the “Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima” without her mantle and crown.




©2018 Anita Guariglia

Featured Image/Anita Guariglia

Crown Image/Mary Ellen Fosso

Excerpts taken from “He and I” by Gabrielle Bossis

Scripture taken from Jerusalem Bible