“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
St. Teresa of Calcutta

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Sister Jamie Leatherby is a joyful extern sister for a cloistered Dominican monastery. She, herself, is not cloistered or enclosed. She has received permission to blog from the cloister, but she is not able to be on social media and so does not see your comments. She can receive letters but is limited as to whether she can respond. During Lent and Advent, she steps away from all correspondence. If interested in finding out about her way of life, or if discerning a call to religious life, please visit the website for the Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament or visit their Facebook page.
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My Vocation Story (Part 6)

Sister Jamie’s discernment continues as God leads her to the cloistered life.

My Vocation Story (Part 5)

Sister Jamie discusses her transformation from the “world” to following her heart, listening to the Holy Spirit and finding her home in a religious order.

Discerning Your Vocation

Trust your heart’s desires. He wants to give them all to you.

Lessons from the Cloister: Pride (Part 2)

As I continue to learn and grow in community, I am sharing how I have changed and hopefully providing ways you may grow as well.

Lessons from the Cloister: Pride (Part 1)

My growth is starting already through my contemplative life.

First Two Weeks In The Cloister

Sr. Jamie tells about saying goodbye to her family and how as an extern she is contemplative but not cloistered.

My First Call to Religious Life (Vocation Part 4)

My mission trip adventure in Ecuador as God first reveals the idea of religious life to me.

Unrequited Love (Vocation Part 3)

My further encounters with Shawn and the need to know how he felt about me, followed by another surprise.

Cracks in the Heart (Vocation Part 2)

The story of a crush turning into my first love, his leaving my life, and my feelings of heartbreak, leaving cracks on the heart.