“Jesus, You take over” was the first line on a YouTube video that came my way via Divine Providence in the last few weeks. I am convinced Jesus is hand picking videos for me. I guess I’d run a Divine Mercy Chaplet and at the end my eye caught this peculiar line as I was about to close out the web browser. A priestly contemporary of St. Padre Pio named Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo attributed  this statement, “Jesus, you take over” to Jesus Himself.  This humble Franciscan of Naples, Italy had a life of instruction from both the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Under Jesus’s instruction, Fr. Ruotolo became one of the most prolific writers in Italy of the 20th century, even penning a 10,000 page book on the Holy Bible. The Lord taught Fr. Ruotolo about how to abandon himself to Jesus and showed him the finer points of why we do not receive the graces we need or request.

This is called the Novena of Abandonment.

I most strongly urge you to pray this novena. It is very simple. In fact, it is so short, folks may not trust it right out thinking they need lengthier litanies. All one needs to pray is, “O Jesus, I abandon myself to You. Jesus, you take over.”

So what is the catch?

No catch really–just listen to what Jesus asks when you do pray this. Jesus speaks to each soul:

“Why are you upset and agitated? Leave your cares to Me and all will be fine. I tell you honestly, every act of true and blind reliance on Me, results in what you desire and will resolve all your difficulties.

Abandonment in Me does not mean being frustrated, becoming anxious and desperate, offering Me your anxious prayer, that I may follow you and have your anxiety be a prayer.

Abandonment means to shut the eyes of your soul in peace, moving your thoughts away from your troubles, and instead of thinking about your worries and pain, let Me take over your troubles. Simply say: Jesus, You take over. To be worried, restless, and to think of the consequences of an event is the opposite of reliance, it is really contrary to it.”

Let’s reinforce that message from Christ Himself.

Note that He requests that we do not offer Him an anxious prayer. There is nothing wrong with being stressed out and offering a prayer. Jesus is not asking you to have no fears or anxieties. What He is asking all of us to do is to take a moment, calm down, and shift focus. Is that so hard? It can take practice, but I was surprised at how fast the peace came to me when I chose to move my thoughts from what I do not have or am worried over, to just letting Him take all my cares on to Himself.

Jesus understands us so very intimately that He even explains for the slow learners like me, “It is like a child, who wants his mom to take care of his needs, but in the way he wants: and with his whims and childish ideas he hampers her work. Shut your eyes and go with the flow of My grace. Do not ponder over your present moment and put away thoughts of your future as a temptation; rest in Me, believe in My goodness and I swear on My Love, that if you think like this: Jesus, You take over, I indeed will do it for you, I will comfort you, free you, and guide you.”

“I will comfort you.” Really? What is not to like?! This is fantastic. It’s coming from the mouth of God. And I am tickled by the way Christ used modern parlance in His very human way in order to reach us, and relate to us, “…go with the flow of My grace”. Jesus said “go with the flow.” I love it. He’s totally timeless, ancient and modern. I can really relate to this Jesus meeting me right where I am.

I think I’ll let the Gentle Shepherd continue to minister to you as His words are like balm to my own wounds and worries. I can only imagine how soothing they will be to you. See if you can focus on being Jesus’ baby, sleeping in His arms.

“If I have to take you in a different direction from the one you are looking at, I will train you, 

I pick you up in my arms, and you will find yourself, like a baby sleeping in his mother’s arms, on the other shore.

What gives you immense stress and hurts you, is your reasoning over it, your thoughts and the pains it gives you;

it is wanting at all costs to take care by yourself of what is afflicting you.”

Keep reading and re-reading all of His gentle, tender words. They are for you. Yes you.

Moderns like us are far too self-reliant.

Self-reliance can lead to being apart from God first mentally, then emotionally and then in all ways. This behavior can lead to sin or it can be alerting you that you have  a wound that needs healing that says you or I cannot trust God. It is fine to be industrious or to take the initiative, but, remember, Jesus is asking you to let Him help.

I also find Jesus asserting Himself to us in His words. He is not to be dragged about by a nose ring like an ox. Instead, He is requesting that we respect Him not expecting Him to follow us around like a servant or personal valet. “Abandonment in Me does not mean…offering Me your anxious prayer, that I may follow you and have your anxiety be a prayer.” He tells us multiple times in the Gospels not to be anxious, in anything. “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life…” Matthew 6:25. So why do I, why do you, continue to offer Him anxious prayers? I think I have to start listening to Him more closely, especially since He issued this polite but firm wake-up call in the 20th Century. Since He instructed us NOT to be anxious, it’s a sign of lacking in faith and trust to offer Him an anxious prayer.

Even Saint Paul, another evangelist echoed our Master’s words, “Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4: 6-7. Notice how we conveniently ignore that second line. Paul reaffirms the peace of Christ. That peace of God is the part that is lacking when we have what Jesus Himself dubbed as “anxious prayers”.

Do you want all the power of the universe helping you or do you want only your limited human power?

You do need to answer that question.

I’ll wait.

If you really and truly do want Jesus Christ to get involved and help you then you need to step back and let Him.


“When you truly tell me: Your will be done, which is the same then to say: Jesus, You take over, then I do intervene with all My omnipotence, and I will resolve every situation, even if there is no way out.”

Even if there is no way out!

Did you catch that? Did you let that hit you?

Most of us humans get anxious when we think there IS no way out. So why not let the God of all power, the God of all miracles, the God of all knowing help us?

His help is free.

All you have to do is move out of that busy, flurried part of your mind and CHOOSE to go to that quiet corner that is ignored. Go sit there. Close the eyes of your soul as He asks, and let Him take over. I tried this and it was so shockingly gentle, still and potent. It nearly blew me away. I was so peaceful I was stilled in mind, body and soul. It was the most beautiful state of being. Finally I was quiet enough that Jesus could come in and help me.

Try it. You’ll like it.

“A thousand prayers do not equal only one act of abandonment” don’t ever forget it.

There is no better novena than this: “Oh Jesus I abandon myself to You, Jesus, You take over.”

If you need to pray more actively, Jesus provided for that too. The more you pray it, the more you build your faith and trust. Here below is the Novena or, Rosary of Abandonment.

The Rosary of Abandonment

God come to my assistance

Lord make haste to help me.

Glory be.

Our Father.

Hail Mary.

1st Decade: Jesus, You take over!

(10 times on the beads of the Hail Mary).

Glory be.

2nd Decade: Mother Mary, guide me.

(10 times on the beads of the Hail Mary).

Glory be.

3rd Decade: Jesus you take over!

(10 times on the beads of the Hail Mary).

Glory be.

4th Decade: Mother Mary, guide me.

(10 times on the beads of the Hail Mary).

Glory be.

5th Decade: Jesus, you take over!

(10 times on the beads of the Hail Mary ).

Glory be.

In conclusion:

Hail Holy Queen


Now that I’ve become so sold on this helpful devotion I’ve looked it up and saw to my delight that I’m not the only one writing about this. This devotion is huge and has spread around the world. Many have written on it. Undeterred, I decided it was so worthwhile I’d write on it too and share it with you. Please share it with someone else. We all need God’s help.

© 2018 Frances Peterson



Featured image: Pixaby, Creative Commons

Jesus holding the infant statue: Frances Peterson, October 25, 2018. Used with permission of this author.

Child clinging to Jesus statue: photo by Frances Peterson, October 25, 2018. Used with permission of this author.

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