A Question is Posed

About a week ago, I posed an important question to the Blessed Mother.  I had been sitting in my living room and just gazing at her statue on my mantle.  She was gazing directly at me in complete silence and I knew she was waiting! She knew already what was on my mind and how I was searching for a divine answer to come forth from her lips.

Her eyes were gazing directly into mine and it would be those eyes that would speak to my heart. I was so very open to hear what would come forth from the Blessed Mother’s lips to my being. I just knew she was going to answer me this particular night.  I felt it like no other.

My question was simply this, “Why do I cry copious tears when praying with another?”

“What is it Mama? What is it?”

“It is Love, my daughter. It is Love.”

“Love responds to Love,” was the wisdom that poured forth from her lips to my heart.

I had received my answer but that reply of “love” was a key to open many doors that we would pass through together that night in prayer.

And so I invite you, too, on that journey because it truly is All About Love.

A Journey Through the Bible

It seemed “Mama” was going to show me the first door right before Ash Wednesday. It would be Gabriel who would enter into the door as well, and I would find myself immersed in the following scene (Luke 1:26-28):

“In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary.

And he came to her and said, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you!”



In the passage, the Angel Gabriel would explain all that is to happen to Mary and she is greatly troubled though she asks but one question, “How can this be?” She waits breathlessly and receives her divine reply.

She revealed to me how she responds, “Anita, love responds to love.” Our Blessed Mother responded to God’s invitation and words of love.

She was responding to the greatest Act of Love by our Loving Father and Creator (John 3:16):

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son,

that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

Mama was teaching me that evening and walking me through one doorway after another.

My next lesson was coming up and she seemed to be pointing the way again through the scripture in the bible.

It seemed she was showing me acts of love; “love that responds to love.” It seemed to be so present on every page that she walked me through.

She took me through the door of the “Visitation” and showed me her visit to her cousin Elizabeth that she made in haste. Again, “love responds to love.” Not only would it be Elizabeth and the Blessed Mother that loved, but it would be their babes in the womb who would respond to love as well.  John would be so excited that he would do a somersault in his mother’s belly. He truly was the first adorer filled with love and joy in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Why Tears?

Why do we express tears as we pray? 

Surely, both St. Elizabeth and our Blessed Mother not only spoke words in their prayer of greeting but they also expressed tears of joy in their loving embrace. Their heartfelt prayer was being manifested in both body and spirit. 

Jesus, seemed to affirm that with an “Amen” for me tonight as I began to write this draft.  As I was searching for images, I found the following that seemed to be right on.


That evening, it seemed to me that my “Mama” was explaining, “my daughter, your tears are a prayer. They are not verbal but they flow from the heart and my Son sees them as a prayer.  Do not be disturbed by this emotion but joyfully let them pour forth as they are mighty and can bring about the miraculous.”

She Leads Me On

She then showed me an image. That night I saw one of the Stations of the Cross and during the vision, I see St. Veronica offering  her veil to Jesus to wipe away His tears in love. She is not afraid of the soldiers, nor the cruelty of the people surrounding her and Jesus.  She boldly steps forth and responds with love.

 What does Jesus do with this magnificent act of love? He imprints His precious face upon this cloth and rewards St. Veronica and the rest of the world for all time for her great act of love.

Yes, once again the Mother of God is showing me in images that “love responds to love.”

A Message for This Particular Time

It seemed to become increasingly more clear to me why Mother Mary would visit me last Sunday, just three days before Ash Wednesday would begin.

She was showing me the path to take for the next 40 days.  She was showing me that what this world needs now is Love.

Yes, I am to fast, give alms and do penance. My soul needs to act on these three directives, but my heart needs to act in an even stronger way.

I believe the following image is pretty on target as to what Mother Mary was showing me last weekend, through her picture album of scripture and “acts of love” in response to love.


Get Cracking for Lent

Yes, get cracking for Lent. We have 40 days to make a difference in this world that seems to be breaking down before our very eyes.

Fear of the Coronavirus has now affected the Holy Mass and in many of our Churches, the species of the Cup will no longer be offered, the Eucharist in the “hand” is the preferred way now rather than on the tongue and no more handshakes for the act of peace but a simple nod to each other.

Oh yes, and no holy water in the fonts.

It seemed to me that Good Friday arrived earlier than it should have.  It was a very sad experience to attend that Mass today where the announcement was made.

Grab His Hand









Yes, His hand is waiting to grab ours this Lenten season and even the days long after Easter arrives.

We cannot do this on our own!

We need not only His help but that of the Holy Spirit who will give us the Light and the Grace to understand and the wisdom to know what to do in these times.

Chaos may reign around and about us, with reports of stock exchange crashes and food shortages and the like, but we have our faith and trust in a God that will never abandon us to the world.

Just grab that hand as He holds it out to you this Lent!

Her Hands Clasped with the Rosary


This is the last “door” that Mother Mary took me through that night. It was the “Door of the Rosary,” the “Victory Garden” where men and women are made saints and are given the graces of Courage and Perseverance.

Grab your Rosary Beads these 40 days of Lent and afterwards!  

Really pray them!  

Pray a Rosary everyday!

Pray each bead like it’s a rose that you are presenting to your Heavenly Mother.


Let Her offer them to her Son so that “love will respond to love” and that we can make this world a better place not only for ourselves but for future generations.

This Lent and this moment of time depends on us!

As one priest clearly stated from the pulpit for our ears to hear. . .

“This is a Crucial Time!” It is Not Business As Usual.”



©2020 Anita Guariglia

Scripture Readings taken from Didache Bible

Youtube/Dionne Warwick/What This World Needs Now

All Photo Credits/Instagram