As soon as my parish finished Mary’s Mantle Consecration, people were asking me when they could go through it again. I highly recommend every pastor of a parish, big or small, or even lay leaders of every apostolate in a parish, offer Mary’s Mantle Consecration to their entrusted flock.

Fr. Samuel West, Pastor

St. Patrick's Church, Sonora, CA

Mary’s Mantle Consecration has helped my parishioners tremendously by giving them direction and focus for their lives. They feel they can move ahead with more confidence in following Christ. One hundred and seventy-five people signed up to do the consecration retreat at our parish, and our school participated, as well. We tend to have a rather large number of people who receive the Sacrament of Confession, and yet, because of the retreat, that number has increased. Mary’s Mantle Consecration has inspired and gifted people with a true desire to live holy lives, and I am grateful.

Fr. Patrick Walker, Pastor

Sacred Heart Parish, Turlock, CA

I organized a group for “Mary’s Mantle Consecration,” and we found that our parishes, our homes, our workplaces were being “lit up” by our daily prayers and readings. Through the daily emails, we formed one “living body” of prayer that felt palpable and proved to be miraculous for us all in so many ways. This consecration is spreading far and wide because one wants to “go on the journey” again. The consecration book and the prayer journal never get placed on the shelf. One keeps them in easy reach!

Anita Guariglia, Prayer Group Leader

Hempstead, NY

I feel called to share Mary’s Mantle Consecration with the world because, unlike other Marian Consecrations, it does more than acquaint you with what the saints have said and experienced regarding Mary. This consecration is about YOU, and it transforms YOU. It powerfully touches your soul and brings you closer to who you’re meant to be on this Earth.

Cindy Hagon

Owner, Feed My Sheep Catholic Bookstore, Santa Barbara, CA

I’d like to thank Christine Watkins from the bottom of my heart for the Mary’s Mantle Consecration book. It is very well done, inspiring, and the consecration retreat, helping people to get closer to the Blessed Virgin Mary and ultimately to Jesus, Our Savior and God. It was a great blessing for our church.

Fr. Bernardin Mugabo, Pastor

St. John the Evangelist Church, Sacramento, CA

I find the book, Mary’s Mantle Consecration, to be a great tool for the spiritual life. The virtues are presented in a simple and yet profound way. The readings and meditations have helped me to enter into loving contact with Jesus and Mary. They have enlightened aspects of my life that need conversion and motivated me in my path toward union with God. I highly recommend it to parishes, seminaries, and convents. I believe all of God’s seekers will find great help and guidance, enlightening their path toward Him.
Mother Superior, Sr. Lourdes Guerra, RCSCJ

Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Modesto, CA

Our parishioners enthusiastically embraced Mary’s Mantle Consecration. Many expressed to me how grateful and truly inspired they were by the daily meditations and the weekly talks. People told me that each day provided for them not just a morsel of spiritual nourishment, but a five-course meal that they wanted experience and come back to again and again. I highly recommend it to all parishes.

Sidney Curry, Director of Religious Education

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Sacramento, CA

Our pastor encouraged our whole parish to do the Mary’s Mantle Consecration retreat, and I led the discussions after we watched the weekly Mary’s Mantle DVD series. We always had a good turnout, and I enjoyed seeing the parishioners so moved, challenged and enlivened (sometimes with a lot of humor between themselves) to incorporate important spiritual practices into their lives, which had been foreign to them, like the Rosary and fasting.

Deacon Ken Broz

St. Patrick's Church, Gretna, NE