We are all different, but She is a Mother and She embraces us all. – Pope Francis

Humanity’s Mother

Mary, the Mother of God, is humanity’s spiritual Mother. Venerable Fulton Sheen explains it so eloquently:

Our Blessed Lord now looked down from His Cross to the two most beloved creatures that He had on earth – John and His Blessed Mother…He called her, “Woman.” It was the second Annunciation. With a gesture of His dust-filled eyes and His thorn-crowned head, He looked longingly at Her, who had sent him willingly to the Cross and who is now standing beneath it as a cooperator in His redemption; and He said: “Woman, this is thy son.” He did not call him John; to do that would have been to address him as the son of Zebedee and no one else. But, in his anonymity, John stood for all mankind. To His beloved disciple He said: “This is thy mother.”

Here is the answer, after all these years, to the mysterious words in the Gospel of the Incarnation which stated that Our Blessed Mother laid her ‘firstborn’ in the manger. Did that mean that our Blessed Mother was to have other children? It certainly did, but not according to the flesh. Our Divine Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was the unique Son of our Blessed Mother by the flesh. But our Lady was to have other children, not according to the flesh, but according to the spirit!” (Life of Christ, page 376, Venerable Fulton J. Sheen)

St. Philomena

St. Philomena

With Mary as our Mother, we have a dear friend and heavenly companion in St. Philomena to whose patronage the Children of Mary were formally entrusted by Bl. Pope Pius IX.

I wear the devotional red and white wrist cord of St. Philomena which symbolizes her virginity and martyrdom. My cord, a gift of love from a fellow devotee, was touched to the first class relics of St. Philomena’s bone and the blood of St. John Vianney, who fostered public devotion to St. Philomena with great affection and enthusiasm. St. John Vianney literally attributed all his miracles to St. Philomena, attesting,“ I have never asked for anything through the intercession of my Little Saint without having been answered.”

Knock Three Times

It was Pope Gregory XVI who referred to our heavenly princess as the “wonder-worker” of the nineteenth century.

Though my personal devotion to the Wonder-Worker is quite new, I’ve wasted no time in presenting my petitions to her and she has wasted no time in affirming her patronage. It is widely known that whenever St. Philomena is working on your behalf, she would often announce it by knocking three times. I knew nothing of this very special communication until after I was discussing three very distinct knocks that loudly awakened me in the middle of the night. At that time, the world was nearly 40 days into the present Covid-19 pandemic.

It would be reasonable to dismiss the three knocks as something imagined if I had prior knowledge of this playful saintly custom. The fact that I learned about the three knocks afterward and that they were followed by a very clear dream leading me to a message from St. Philomena for our times is something to be considered.

I Had a Dream

In a dream proceeding the three knocks, I could vividly see books of varied colors that were numbered. When my eyes opened the following morning, it immediately occurred to me that I had seen The Volumes as published by Direction for Our Times. The Volumes contain private revelation given to the world through Kathryn Ann Clarke, also known as Anne, a lay apostle.

Rev. Leo O’Reilly, Bishop of the Diocese of Kilmore, Ireland, has granted Anne’s writings an imprimatur. The Volumes are in my home library and I hadn’t thought about them or read them in more than a decade.

Days following the dream, I was discussing the wonders of St. Philomena with the same friend who gifted me with her cord and told me about the three knocks. I was positively stunned to learn that my friend credits The Volumes for her introduction to St. Philomena. Again, it was after this revelation that I shared the details of my recent dream. I had no recollection that St. Philomena had allegedly spoken to Anne in The Volumes.

Only then would I return to Volume 7 (pages 11-14) and read St. Philomena’s message to the world as given July 8, 2004, which I believe the little saint wishes to be circulated and shared at this present time:

Dear brothers and sisters, you must be joyful during this time. Whenever you are tempted toward despair, you must think of heaven and how Jesus is making the earth like heaven by allowing this cleansing. Jesus is reclaiming the earth. That is a wonderful thing and will ensure that your children’s children will not have to contend with the darkness of sin that surrounds your children. It would please Jesus if you would be thankful to Him, despite any circumstances.

A saint conducts herself this way and finds that she is joyful regardless of any and all hardships. Dear friends of heaven, the enemy will not prevail. You know this because you have been told this. At the end of this time, Jesus will return and the earth will be beautiful again. Before that, there will be a time when it will appear that the enemy has taken control of the world. The darkness of sin will reign and our beloved Church will suffer even more.

Followers will face grave and constant attacks for their faith in many areas of the world. They will persevere and set the most beautiful example for others. This will draw others back to the faith in great numbers, so you see, the enemy’s strategy will backfire. The more God’s enemies persecute His children, the more children will choose God and remain true. It has always been this way, sadly.

God’s children should serve Him faithfully in good times also, but many do not. Many become worldly when the times are easy. Be brave. Your courage will come from heaven and inspire many. We teach you how to prepare and those who take our advice will find that they are calm and able to lead. Heaven will call upon many to lead because during the worst of the troubles, holy souls will be cut off from each other.

Leaders will spring up in every area to help holy souls to remain steadfast. How beautiful are these times when viewed from our perspective. My dear friends, read about our lives. Many saints in heaven faced the greatest of persecutions on earth. We never relied upon ourselves and in that way we became invincible. You will too.

The earth will quake during this time and heaven’s responses will be apparent to all, giving the faithful great hope. The enemy’s actions will be met with heavenly retribution. This also will convince many that God is preparing to return and will also bring many back to God.

So you see, the enemy cannot win and God will turn everything to the good. It is important that you are aware of the coming events so you will be confident and prepared. My friends, your world is asleep at this time and many doubt God’s presence in the world. I would advise you all to remain alert. You will be glad that you did.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

St. Philomena, new light of the church militant,  pray for us.

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