Find your way Home

“Find your way Home” is a special parish mission that enlivens the hearts of the faithful to be true and loyal disciples of Christ – to love God and others and not count cost. Through story-telling, real-life examples, humor, and media, the mission offers convincing proof that Jesus and Mary are real and the Catholic faith and the Sacraments are authentic and life-giving, no matter the sins of the Church. Catholic speaker and author, Christine Watkins, offers the presentations solo or in tandem with Fr. Samuel West or professional musicians, Cara O’Shea or Earl Rivard.

In a world that is largely focusing on illusion and transitory goals, “Find your way Home” instills the knowledge that the Catholic faith provides exactly what we most need in this life. Each presentation creates a sacred atmosphere that focuses on the deeper conversion of the hearer by actively engaging the mind, heart, senses, and through prayer, the soul. People are led to reorient their lives to what is most important, to focus their walk heavenward and bring many souls with them along the way, as they find their way home. 

“Find your way Home” can be offered as a half-day retreat or a two or three-day parish mission.  Depending upon the length of the retreat or mission, the subjects can include: 

Mother Mary’s Great Love for Us and How Her Intercession Saved My Life

Christine Watkins gives her personal testimony of how she led a life far from God and should have died from her sins, but Mary asked Jesus to save her, and she received a miracle of Divine mercy. This talk expounds upon the nature of Mary, the love of Mary, and her desires for us. It closes with a guided prayer called “Meeting the Mary,” with music and lights dimmed, inviting the hearers to a closer and more intimate relationship with her.

Stories of Encounters with Jesus and Mary, and Living in the Presence of God

In this engaging presentation, Mrs. Watkins shares some of the most exciting and moving testimonies of people’s encounters with God and Mary that she has collected over the years, from the everyday to radical personal callings. A short video is shown of wayward men who changed and followed God’s call, some of whom became priests, as well as a clip of interviews with the real people in the book and movie, “Heaven is for Real.”

Where “The Greatest Miracles Take Place and Are Incessantly Repeated”

These are the words Jesus gave to St. Faustina Kowalska to describe the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In this talk on the sacrament, people are encouraged to view it in the most positive light and take advantage of it often. People tend to want to go to Reconciliation in good numbers after the talk, and it is helpful if priests can be available for the sacrament at that time. The talk closes with a guided examination of conscience, called “Jesus on the Cross,” with music and lights dimmed.

Click here for PDF’s of two possible examination of conscience handouts to use: “The Ten Commandments as Preparation for Confession” or “THE RITE OF PENANCE examination of conscience.”

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is made available, if possible.

Celebrating, Understanding, and Living the Eucharist

This talk helps parishioners understand what is actually happening in the Mass beyond the naked eye and offers evidence of the True Presence. People are given guidance and inspiration in how to participate prayerfully in the Mass and how to receive the magnanimous gifts that it offers. They are also encouraged to share these gifts by invited others to Mass who have left the Catholic Church or never stepped foot in one. The talk also includes the importance of Adoration and spending time in silence with God. The video clip shown of the Eucharistic miracle, “The Miracle of Lanciano.”

Cost for Parish Mission Format

Should Christine Watkins be the sole presenter, the cost would only be her transportation, food, and lodging, if a free-will offering is taken up each evening. If the parish prefers not to take up a free-will offering, but to offer a flat rate, the cost is $375 per mission evening, plus transportation, food, and lodging.

Should Fr. Samuel West also present or Cara O’Shea play piano and sing, the flat cost would be double.

Cost for Retreat Format

Should Christine Watkins be the sole presenter, the cost would be her transportation, food, and lodging, and $600.

Should Msgr. James Murphy also present or Cara O’Shea play piano and sing, the cost would be double.

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