Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary’s Intercession


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“Direct, honest, heart-rending, and miraculous” – Wayne Weible

“This book is awesome! I couldn’t get through one of the stories without feeling my heart pound a little harder and having my eyes well up. I skipped around and read the author’s story and her husband’s story, first. I I’m at a loss for words, and if you knew my wife and kids, they would say that is impossible.” – Robert Brennan, National Catholic Register

The true life stories in this book reveal people who have teetered on the edge, in seemingly hopeless situations, and arrived at the other side of grace. As diverse as they are, these individuals–a homeless drug addict, a lonely youth, a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, a nightclub stripper, a cocaine abuser, and a confused atheist named Christine Watkins–all posses two vital elements in common, they have discovered hope and healing in a loving God, and they received help in their journeys of faith through the Blessed Virgin Mary’s presence and message in Medjugorje.

Following each story is a message that Mary has given to the world, a message that speaks to the story-teller’s life and perhaps to your own. And for those of you who are eager to probe the deeper, reflective waters of discipleship–either alone or within a prayer group–a Scripture passage, prayerful reflection questions, and a spiritual reflection question at the end of each chapter offer an opportunity to enliven your faith.

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