Mary’s Mantle Consecration 8 DVD Set: Inspirational and Informative Talks That Accompany the Retreat





ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR CONSECRATIONS OF OUR DAY. This is an 8-part video series by Deacon David Leatherby and author, Christine Watkins, to accompany the book, MARY’S MANTLE CONSECRATION: A SPIRITUAL RETREAT FOR HEAVEN’S HELP. This program of Marian consecration, endorsed by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and Bishop Myron J Cotta, is particularly powerful and has resulted in miracles in the lives of those who have applied themselves to it. 

Click the video below to see amazing testimonies from Mary’s Mantle Consecration retreat participants.

DVD 1: Why People are Raving about MARY’S MANTLE CONSECRATION: Amazing Parish Testimonies, and Introduction to a Powerful Consecration That Changes People’s lives.

DVD 2: What Does Consecration to Mary Mean?

DVD 3: Why the Rosary Has Such Power and How to Pray It Effectively

DVD 4: The Untapped Power of Fasting to Change Our Lives and Our Loved Ones

DVD 5: Why Extraordinary Virtue Is Needed in Our Difficult Times

DVD 6: What You Don’t Know But Need to Know about Confession and Joy

DVD 7: Why Are Virtues So Hard and Vices So Easy?

DVD 8: Why Mary Is the Model of Discipleship and How She Can Help You

“Our parish watched these extraordinary presentations each week. People looked forward to them with enthusiasm, and not only did their understanding of the faith expanded exponentially, but many parishioner’s lives were changed.”

– Fr. Bernardin Mugabo, Pastor, St. John the Evangelist Church, Sacramento, CA

“Each one of these talks is a precious gem unto itself. They need to be spread everywhere!”

– Alison Foster, D.R.E.

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