Purple Scapular of Blessing and Protection (sewing kit or handmade)


Please limit 1 per person/household for the handmade scapular.
Please limit 5 per person/household for the sewing kits, which include the pieces, cards, and detailed instructions.
You will need to have each scapular blessed by a priest.




Jesus and Mary gave this scapular to the world for our times! Incredible promises are given to those who wear it in faith. Our Lady said to the mystic, stigmatist, and victim soul, Marie-Julie Jahenny: “My children, all souls, all people who possesses this scapular will see their family protected. Their home will also be protected, foremost from fires. . . for a long time my Son and I have had the desire to make known this scapular of benediction… This first apparition of this scapular will be a new protection for the times of the chastisements, of the calamities, and the famines. All those who are clothed (with it) shall pass under the storms, the tempests, and the darkness. They will have light as if it were plain day. Such is the power of this unknown scapular. . .” Our Lord added that all those who have it and think of it and love it, will be spared pains of the soul, that those who carry it will be sheltered from any danger, as though they already possessed heaven. “And finally, that this scapular will be like a lightning rod beneath which the blows of divine wrath will not strike.” 

PERSONAL TESTIMONY OF THE GRACE OF THIS SCAPULAR! On August 30, Catholic author and speaker, Christine Watkins, placed this scapular in her new home. Two days later, the worst fire in California broke out, and 100 foot-high wall of fire descended upon her home and land. Fire came from all four sides. People’s houses were burnt to the ground in the surrounding area. But her home property was left unscathed. Not only did the fire stop at the home or adjoining structures, but it politely passed around the fruit trees! Our Lady asked that this Purple Scapular be the size of the palm of a hand, so it is larger than normal.

There are two options to choose from:

  1. the scapular kits (with a 5-kit limit per household), which comes with all of the materials and detailed instructions, or
  2. a handmade scapular (with a 1 per household limit). 

These handmade scapulars are sewn with love and prayer and very labor intensive. They come with two large cards, front and back, on which are written: the Scapular prayers for protection and benediction; the promises attached to the scapular when carried or worn in faith, or placed in one’s home; a short biography of Marie-Julie Jahenny; and an owner’s certificate. Also included is a page of the exact instructions given to Marie-Julie Jahenny for the design of this Scapular, which God intended for our tumultuous and unprecedented times.

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Additional information

Weight .50 lbs