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Listen to Invaluable Soul-saving Information and Shocking Facts Regarding Our Human Sexuality

In this presentation, Christine Watkins shares her incredible story of how she should have died due to her sexual sins, but was saved by a divine miracle. In today’s world, little is more misunderstood and misused than God’s gift of our human sexuality. This talk turns commonly-held beliefs on their head and reveals shocking facts largely unknown by the public, concerning the dangers, divine purpose, and healing of our human sexuality. Both teens and adults are in great need of this information today.

Recommended use: Family listening, Catholic high schools, seminars, retreats, personal knowledge, those seeking healing in the area of sexuality, those in the teaching field working with youth, parents with teenagers and young adult children, anyone who is seeking holiness and wholeness in the area of their human sexuality.

“This talk is truly phenomenal and ground-breaking. I wish that everyone could hear it because it is salvific – the information alone, which is grounded in Christian faith and science, can change lives. I feel blessed to have this knowledge myself and feel and called to spread the news of Christine’s humble, grace filled presentation.”
– Christine Gindi, Catholic counselor and educator

by Christine Watkins, MTS, LCSW

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