An Internet course of videos that every parent needs to watch to protect their children from pornography and help them live freely and safely in our over-sexualized culture.
Never just hand or give your kid a smartphone, I-pad, computer, etc., without making sure you have Covenant Eyes to protect them from pornographic content and Our Pact for smartphones, or Circle with Disney that programs from one central station, all of the devices in your home, so you can control what your kids are logged onto and when.
Reclaim God’s Plan for Sexual Health is an effective online program for healing addiction to pornography.

If you or your child is addicted to technology and spends too much time in front of a screen, which can cause ADHD, anxiety, depression, impulse control problems, aggression, distractibility, and more, you or your child can be healed by taking a complete break from technology. Research has shown that only a complete break will return our brains to its normal level of functioning. After four to six weeks, technology and media can slowly be introduced, and used as they benefit to soul–digital and media “vegetables” can be taken in, but not digital “candy.”