How You and Your Loved Ones Can Control Media So It Can’t Control You
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 Did you know that the overuse and misuse of technology and the media is literally rewiring the brains of an entire generation? In this entertaining, life-giving, and life-changing presentation, learn of the damaging effects that media produces in relationships, personal health, society, and in the Church, and what every disciple of Christ needs to do about it. Come away with 4 key tools to protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones, before you need to be rescued. 

The New Church?

How many times a day do you see someone staring at their smart phone, their television, or computer screen? Do technology and media seem like the new church of today? We can’t live without them, even if we wanted to, and to live freely and happily alongside them require the training and insight that our REWIRED presentation provides. Invite us to speak at your parish or event.  With humor and dynamism, we offer indispensable information.

You Are a Target

Because people across the globe are being paid to find out exactly what will hook you and your children to lead a life that you never intended. They now know how to break down the barriers of self-control that God wishes to nurture in us. It may be through making us check the dings on our phone, addicting us to video games, fostering sexual enslavement, or changing the way we communicate and view our bodies and our very worth. It all begins with a click.

Knowledge is Key

The Knowledge we provide in this humorous and insightful multi-media presentation will protect you and your loved ones for years to come from dangers most Americans are not aware of regarding technology and the media. We will share the secrets of those who have discovered how your brain works and give you God’s secrets for healing and prevention regarding bad habits and addictions that can easily develop, as quickly as in a matter of days.

We Give You a Strategy

Technology and media are meant for our good. God has great plans for those who use and embrace it as the life-giving, even soul-saving medium He wishes it to be. Hear stories of healing and conversion through media that will inspire you hearts and life and come away with tools and a strategy to avoid  the “tech traps” of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and addiction, and instead, come closer to Christ and bring others with you.

How You and Your Loved Ones Can Control Media So It Can’t Control You

In today’s world, this talk is one you can’t afford to miss!

Do you desire to be the master of your own life and to give your loved ones the same gift?

Are you worried about how much you see yourself, or your spouse, or the children and youth around you, attached to media and technology?

Do you wish that you and your loved ones could be spared from addiction, depression, relationship struggles, anxiety, and sleep disorders? Do you wish you could help heal someone who is addicted?

Would you like to harness the beauty and gift of media and technology to bring yourself and your loved ones closer to God?

We have the solutions. We have resources. We have answers.

This invaluable presentation by Queen of Peace Media is making a huge difference in people’s lives.

Be entertained and edified and come away with a few key pieces of information that you likely do not yet have. This educational and humorous talk is filled with stories and facts that can truly change the direction of your life and the lives of your loved ones forever.

The Church desires that all the faithful receive media literacy education, and Queen of Peace Media offers it!

The average age today that one is first exposed to pornography


The percentage of youth who seek out pornographic images after their first exposure (if their parents or caregives haven't talked to them about it)

According to a 2016 Nielson Company audience report, the number of daily hours the average American spends consuming media is almost . . .

This number symbolizes "infinite." God gives no limit to the amount of good that a disciple of Christ can do by spreading the Good News through media.

Christine Watkins - Speaker for young adults & adults

Mrs. Watkins is a popular Catholic speaker and author, licensed clinical social worker, and spiritual director. She brings great passion and the joy and relief of humor to this modern topic. It is one that is close to her heart, as she navigates the tension and turmoil of raising two boys in a media saturated culture vying for their attention and young minds. 

Mrs. Watkins is the founder and CEO of Queen of Peace Media. In addition to sharing her passion for using the media to help bring about people’s healing and conversion, she is equally passionate that technology and the media not, at minimum, distract people from reality, real relationships, and from God, or worse yet, enslave them. Having counseled many through technology related addictions, and collected amazing stories of media-related conversions, she knows firsthand that media has the power, for good or for ill, to shape the human soul and direct the course of one’s life.

Mrs. Watkins believes the REWIRED presentation is a must for every Catholic parish. “If we don’t know how to control media and technology, it will inevitably control us in some way. This talk gives individuals and families knowledge and tools that Catholics desperately need today.”

Conor Maher - speaker for youth & young adults

Conor Maher is graduate of St. Mary’s College of California who has a gift and passion for public speaking, especially when it comes to matters of faith. Born into and immersed in our age of technology, having been an audio-visual technician and web designer, Conor’s broad experience comes right from the trenches of the current media culture. Having fallen in love with God and the Catholic Church at a young age, he worked as a youth minister in Sacramento, California, and now works in education in Walnut Creek, and is actively discerning a vocation with the Dominican Friars; Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Conor wishes to shed the light of faith and truth on how media can affect the human soul.

Conor brings his personal life experience of the Church – pilgrimages, sacraments, prayer – to all of his talks. His words are imbued with the power of the Holy Spirit. Along with his proficiency in technology, he also understands firsthand the struggles of addiction, which has given him the desire to help others see the beauty and intense dangers of media and tech. 

If you are in high school, a young adult, parent, or even a grandparent and want to hear from someone of this generation about the effects of media on the family and the Church, REWIRED is the talk for you. “For the longest time, I’ve wanted to share my experiences to help people, specifically parents, who are struggling to raise their children with so much tech available to them. My objective is to lend insight into what happens to a soul who was exposed to media from a very young age, struggled with issues of chastity, and found a way to reconcile both in Christ!” – Conor Maher. 

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