You have heard this statement from me so many times before. . .”this isn’t the blog I was planning to write about at all. . .absolutely not!”

First, it’s very personal and sacred and I was holding it close to my heart, still mulling over the experience. A dear friend nudged me by asking me the question, “why don’t you write about what happened to you recently?”  Hmmmmm……. was this the Holy Spirit talking or my friend just not wanting me to write about them as I had planned to do?  I surrendered and said, “yes!” so I dedicate this blog to the “nudger!” I wouldn’t have written it without their suggestion!

So here we go, I share with you a profound experience that came upon me as I described in my title, “Surprised by Waves of “Happy.”

Where was I when this happened to me?

I wasn’t at the beach nor was I even by a “body of water!”

I was in a waiting room at my dentist’s office!!!!

My story begins on Tuesday, March 12th. I left my home for an appointment with my hygienist for a routine teeth cleaning. I had no idea what I was going to be confronted with as I parked my car and headed up the staircase leading to my dentist’s office. I opened the door expecting as always to see the two smiling faces of the receptionists. That day was no different. There they both were, Jane and Marilyn, who receive all the patients with grace, charm and big, big smiles, waiting to check me in.

If you can, picture standing in knee deep water at the beach, talking with a friend and not watching what’s coming in at you (like a big wave that is certainly going to take you down by surprise). That is exactly what happened to me sitting in that waiting room! Music had been playing in the background and as I explained in last week’s posting, I am a lover of music!

What comes on the music being piped into our ears as we sit in our chairs passing time? “Happy,” by Pharrell Williams.  You have to remember the song! One cannot sit still when you hear it! I immediately entered right into the music and its lyrics!

“It might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say

Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break

I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space!”

I was totally into the song and it stayed with me through the teeth cleaning appointment with Kristi. It was still with me when I went back down the stairs into the parking lot to my car. As I drove home, I kept singing and singing and singing and “rockin” as someone commented to me later on.

When I got home, I pulled up Pharrell’s performance of “Happy” on YouTube. I was in my glory and now, I was not only singing, but dancing all around the house! Upstairs, downstairs, in the kitchen, in the living room; everywhere. I couldn’t sit still! The song just kept playing over and over within me throughout the night and into the next day; So much so, that I found myself on Amazon ordering the CD of “Happy!” It has not left my car since!  There are seven tracks of instrumental versions and Pharrell singing throughout the CD, so basically it’s one big “Happy!” This image below is about as close as I could get to have you envision the complete state that I was in!



“There is a season for everything, a time for every occupation under heaven. . .

A time for mourning, a time for dancing”

I asked myself, “Should I be dancing around like this especially during the Season of Lent?” “What would my spiritual director think when I told him I felt like a “hot air balloon that could go to space?” I imagined that he would finally think, “Anita has finally flipped out on me!”  Those thoughts gave way to inspiration within my heart that answered quickly back to my question reflecting on the appropriateness of dancing during Lent:

Lent is a “Time of Renewal” and I was surely being renewed!

My oxygen mask was being removed!

Jesus was breathing “New Life” into me! 

I remembered that piece of scripture from Luke about the cure of the paralytic and how he was lowered through the roof by his friends. That particular passage in the bible always surfaced up about the time I would be going on my annual retreat. I was always moved by the “friends” of this paralyzed man who had found an ingenious way to lower him into the house before the healing eyes and hands of Jesus. They knew that they could never have gotten him through the front door carrying him on his stretcher with all the people crowding about.

So what did they do? They made a hole in the roof to lower him down. I realized that this scripture that I always received before retreat was like a “prophecy” of what was to happen to me in the future. Jesus was readying me for the “lowering down” or rather “uplifting” me through a “roofless room!”

 “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!”

I could only imagine that, as I wrote above, I was being called forth by Jesus to a new life. A life that He seemed to be filling up to overflowing. A life that was very full even without my husband Rob.

When my husband died almost four years ago, I was devastated. As I have said so many times before, I felt like I could have melted down, like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz in her death scene!  I didn’t though! I held onto my faith in the Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Mother. I still had my “joy” because that could never be extinguished.  That’s just who I am and how grateful I am that God created me with that infused joy of His love for me as His child.

There were definitely big challenges in my life, to say the least! How does one live without their soulmate of 44 years and still go on?  Four months after his death, I needed major surgery on my knee and shortly after that, mohs surgery of over 100 stitches on my nose. This was all hard to go through because I was always at my husband’s bedside and now he was not physically present to me during my setbacks. The walls would hear my pain as I expressed to the physical therapist who visited my home after my knee surgery. “Sorrow endureth through the Night but Joy cometh in the Morning.” (Psalm 30:5) That was the way I approached my life for that time period.

The house seemed to miss my husband’s presence and cry out for help, too! The washer went, the roof went, the porch went, leaks by the fireplace wall, huge tree limbs came down on the property and a whole host of other calamities struck. Even the cars got into the act when both batteries died at the same time! Was all this so bad? I kept trying to see the positive side and held onto my sons’ love, my family, friends and neighbors. They carried me through these last years for sure. I was on that stretcher like the paralyzed man! But soon, without knowing it, I was going to be lowered into the “Presence of the Miraculous” and be uplifted right through that roof like a “hot air balloon!”

Forming Droplets in the Waves


But droplets were forming in the last four years that exploded into that “wave” that hit me so forcibly on March 12th. 

What were the droplets you might ask?

They came in the form of new friendships and new ministries and they intermingled with my sons, my family and my treasured old friendships. The “droplets of grace” formed with serving at St. Brigid’s with the wonderful and loving priests on the altar, reading the Word, and ministering the Cup of Precious Blood. They came from meeting new friends at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception and attending days of prayer and retreats in this sacred place. They came from a spiritual director who has promised to be at my side no matter what I go through. They came in the invitation from Christine Watkins to write for Queen of Peace Media and to get to know her, my editor, Dan Osanna, and my sister bloggers, Drewe DeJesus and Frances Peterson. Most of all, they came from a “miraculous visit” of the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima to my home on June 28, 2018.

For sure, I will elaborate on that in future postings. But for now it’s all been. . .

Pure Gift!

Pure Life Changing!

Full Life to Overflowing!

It took almost four years but in the passing of those four years, Jesus was working mighty deeds and hit me with that realization that began on March 12th in the waiting room of my dentist. What enfolded from that moment was that I realized how truly happy I was even without my husband and how happy I was to be alive and be in love with my Creator and all those I hold in my heart.

Do I miss my husband?  Of course, I do. But love is stronger than death and it is eternal. And I will see him again in Paradise where he is waiting for me. But for the now I am so happy and feel like I’m living in a room without a roof!

Below is an image that Rob and I witnessed on All Saints Day, November 1, 2013, out on Long Island as we were just driving about. We were able to capture it with his cellphone. It was truly a magnificent scene to behold from the road as we gazed up into the sky. The picture captures what a room looks like without a roof! And so, life is limitless with the Lord!

He is the God of Surprises who hits you with waves of joy, happiness and grace when least expected, especially walking in the door of a dental office!

Grateful thanksgiving to all of you!

Especially to the “one” who nudged me to write this posting!

I found it was providential that I did accept that invitation from the Holy Spirit. It proved to be more waves of happy for me to be able to express my experience in this posting and to hopefully bring healing and illumination to others. I believe, too, that Jesus always has a sense of humor and my appointment was with “Kristi” the dental hygienist that day! Maybe the name is not spelled the same but I sure got the message anyway!

Thank you most of all to my God. . .

My Healer. . . My Everything. . . “Jesu Christi”

Sound Avenue, Southold, New York


©2019 Anita Guariglia

Scripture/Jerusalem Bible/Eccles.3:4

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Girl Dancing Photo Credit/

Sky Photo Credit/Robert Guariglia

Youtube: Pharrell Williams “Happy”