My last blog was entitled, “Cry for Life” and it was only this morning that the title of this blog came to me as I left a message for a friend on voicemail.

Why “Tears of Love?”

Before I give that answer, I feel I must give a little background history before I explain what happened on my computer a couple of days ago and why I feel compelled to write about tears of love for this posting.

Called Forth Under Her Mantle

Since May 13, 2019, a group of about 45 people have been united in prayer through a daily email.  Our basic mission is to be enrolled in a “School of Mary” and also to pray for priests in a special way.

What does the “School of Mary” mean, exactly?

Well, the Blessed Mother has been taking us through rounds of prayer and rounds of study. We began with Christine Watkins’ beautiful book, “Mary’s Mantle Consecration: A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven’s Help.”

In June 2019, we completed the retreat and consecrated ourselves at a special Mass on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. After that retreat, the Holy Spirit led us to continue with a 54 day Rosary Novena and Advent Birthing of Jesus to prepare our hearts for Christmas.

A 33 Day Consecration to Jesus through Mary by St. Louis de Montfort followed the novena. This consecration concluded with with a special Mass on February 2nd, the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (it was also World Day for Consecrated Religious). Right on the heels of that special moment, we were led into the “Secret of the Rosary,” also written by the great Saint Louis de Montfort.

Right before Covid-19 entered into the fabric of our lives, we were led into studying and praying with “St. Michael and The Angels.”

That was a mighty time for us because we grew closer to the heavenly realm of angels” when we needed them most during our time of isolation. It was surely a time of prayer when we were “sent to our rooms” but it was also a time to grow close to our guardian angels and learn more about the nine choirs of angels. It was of great consolation to be so united in this way through a daily email and a call to prayer.

Yes, we were, and continue to be, under “Mary’s Mantle,” but more was to evolve for this group of 45.

All Aboard!

Yes!  That’s a train image that you are looking at.  Our group is aboard this train in prayer, studying with a handbook entitled “Cultivating Virtue.” We are reading the wisdom of the saints but also receiving a companion saint to be seated next to us on this journey.  I hope I have set the groundwork and the history of our little family of 45 for you.

One of the passengers on this train is our Vicki. She received Saint Junipero Serra who is noted as a Spiritual Father of California from 1713 to 1784.  He was chosen for Vicki on the Feast of Pentecost so he surely boarded the train with her on June 1st, however, she really didn’t know much about him.

Funny how the Holy Spirit works. St. Junipero Serra would be one of the statues that would be torn down in California this past week.

Vicki realized there was a reason she received him as her companion on this journey.  With that thought in mind, I wanted to send out an image of this saint and a prayer on a daily email on Monday, June 22rd.  I thought I did, but this is what I received from Vicki:

“St. Junipero image and prayer is not attached to my email.”

Icons Crying

My first instinct to Vicki’s statement was, “Oh no I did it again!”  But honestly I knew I had attached the image.  I had imported it in, so what happened?  Well, I took a look at my “sent email” and sure enough St. Junipero was not attached but the image that you see alongside this writing was attached.

Yikes!  As I say.  What happened now?  I looked at my photo gallery because I recognized the image from months back. I went through over 300 images and then gave up going through individual photos and just went to beginning of the year.  There it was in January’s photos.

I have a saying, “you just can’t make this stuff up!” and so it was.  I certainly did not attach this image but I had a very strong indication who did.

The Holy Spirit was taking me on my own round of prayer for the moment so I started to pop in “tears of Mary” into a Google search.

My husband always had a saying too, “this isn’t my first rodeo!” and so it isn’t mine either. I have written plenty about Mary’s tears. I experienced them myself when I was ten years old and saw tears flow from her eyes from a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. So I find myself, once again, writing about the tears of Mary; Her tears of love for us right now.

Below is what I found the holy spirit bringing to my mind and heart, and I share it with you.


About the Rosary of Our Lady’s Tears
Next to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus there is nothing more touching and effective than the tears of our heavenly mother! How many tears she shed on the way of the cross and when she stood beneath the cross! She shed bitter tears in reparation for the many insults her Divine Son received then and which He would receive in the future. She wept bitter tears for the many souls who would not submit to the commandments of God, and would be lost forever.

In recent centuries, too, she wept tears of sorrow. The account of the apparitions of Our Lady of La Salette on September 19, 1846, is very moving as is also the account of Mary’s tears at Syracuse.

From August 29 to September 2, 1953, the image of Our Lady wept again and again from a simple terracotta plaque in the house of a poor worker in Syracuse, Italy. After a thorough investigation, the bishops of Sicily confirmed this miracle of tears. Hundreds of thousands came to see it, and Pope Pius XII exclaimed on the radio, “O the tears of Mary!”


This rosary or chaplet was revealed in 1929 and 1930, by Our Lord and His most holy mother to Sister Amalia in Campina, Brazil, and was confirmed as supernatural by Bishop Campos Baretto.

Our Lord’s words to Sister Amalia on November 8, 1929 were:

“My daughter, whatever I am asked through the tears of My mother, I shall give lovingly.”

On March 8, 1930 the Most Pure Mother stated:

“Through this rosary the devil will be subdued and the power of hell will be destroyed. Prepare yourself for this great combat.”

Today the devil has much power because we have forgotten sin and no longer believe that satan exists.




Crucified Jesus! We fall at Your feet and offer You the tears of her who, with deep compassionate love, accompanied You on Your sorrowful Way of the Cross. Grant, O Good Master, that we take to heart the lessons which the tears of Your most holy mother teach us, so that we may fulfill Your holy will on earth, that we may be worthy to praise and exalt You in Heaven for all eternity.


V. O Jesus, look upon the tears of her who loved You most on earth
R. And loves You most ardently in Heaven.


V. O Jesus, hear our prayers
R. For the sake of Your most holy Mother’s tears.

At the end repeat three times on the small beads the invocations that replace the Our Father.

Conclude with this prayer:  

O Mary, Mother of love, sorrow and mercy, we beg you to unite your prayers with ours so that Jesus, your Divine Son, to Whom we turn may hear our petitions in the name of your maternal tears and may give us in addition to the favors we ask, the crown of everlasting life. Amen.
What Does This All Mean?

After I researched and came up with the Rosary of Tears, I happened to glance at my inbox.  Mark Mallet had sent a  new podcast.  What was he speaking about?  Yes, you’ve got it!  The “tears of Mary” and how icons and statues are weeping tears and even tears of blood now and throughout time.

She’s our mother and she’s weeping as she beholds the world right now and how her children just are not listening.  Yes, there may be a remnant out there, but she’s calling to All Her Children.  She’s calling us to “love her Son” and “live His commandments.”

She’s calling us to “pray with the heart” and she’s calling us to “return to the Sacraments.”

We have our chance now because our churches have opened and we can now receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist once again.  Surely, He is the Bread of Angels, but He is also strength for us at this this time. He is our “live breath” and as I wrote in the last blog, He’s our spiritual oxygen.  Without Him we are dead to life.  Life does not matter if we do not have the one true goal in mind, “our Eternal Home.”

Mary always points the way for us.  She is pointing the way now to us with her “tears of love.”

She is imploring us. . . She is calling us and 

She is loving us.  Let us love her Son!

For then Heaven will come and fill this place that is in “chaos”. . . Your Kingdom Come Lord. . . Let Your Kingdom Come into Our Lives. . . All I am cries out for you!”

These words above, “Heaven Come,” are from a beautiful song sung by Jenn Johnson.  It’s my gift of peace to you this July 4th.

It’s a gift of freedom to fly over the United States and see the beauty of this country and to be grateful for all God’s blessings and abundant grace in our lives.  Fly with this video and pray with Jenn the beautiful lyrics of this song. . .

Yes, Heaven come and fill this place here and now!  

Our Mother weeps in love for us for that time to come for us.  

Let us give Her our Fiat!


Let Us Run to Him Now!
All I Am Cries Out for You!

©2020 Anita Guariglia

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