“The Antidote” seemed to be the perfect title for the time that we are living incredulously through right now. Just in the short two weeks that have passed since my last posting, we have seen, heard and experienced the surreal.

Yes, we have seen it all and heard it all!

I still remember the feeling I had in the pit of my stomach when it was announced that the Precious Blood of Jesus would not be given at Mass and we would not have the choice of receiving on the tongue. The Host would be placed in our hands.

Holy Water fonts were to be emptied and we were asked not to engage in handshaking or close contact with our fellow pew partners for the sign of peace.

I felt in my heart that “Good Friday” had arrived sooner.

As mentioned in my last posting, I looked up at the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue on the altar with His hand extended and heard so clearly in my soul, “Take My Hand.”

The Boom Falls

Monday, March 16, 2020 will always be a day that I will remember with great clarity.  That was the day I received a phone call from a close friend with some important news.  They asked if I was ready to hear what they had to say.  “Yes.” I replied, “I’m ready.”  They proceeded to telling me “the news” and as their words reverberated in my ears, the boom fell and crushed my heart.

I wasn’t “ready” to hear that news. . . not at all!

What my friend told me was this:

Beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 at 3:00 pm, all Masses (weekday and weekend) meetings, and non-essential activities in our parishes are suspended or postponed through Tuesday, April 14, 2020.”

I was stunned to say the least!  In my heart, I heard loud and clear “No Holy Week, no Good Friday, no Easter Sunday.” 

As of this writing, and when this blog gets posted, I am quite sure across the United States and throughout the world, the celebration of Holy Mass has ceased to be.

What Do We Do Now?

We run to Jesus!  


We run as quickly as we can!  

For truly He is “the Antidote” for this present time and all time!

We run to the Churches that are open and

throw ourselves at His Feet

at either the Tabernacle or the Monstrance!

We run to Him in Spiritual Communions!


And We Keep Running


We run to the Father!

We run to the Holy Spirit!

We run to the Blessed Mother and Her Rosary!

We run to St. Joseph and All the Holy Saints

We run to St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael!

We run to our  Guardian Angel!

We run to All Nine Choirs of Angels!


The Promise Keeper

The lyrics in the song of the “Way Maker” tells us that Jesus is the “promise keeper.”  And isn’t He? Has He ever spoken an untruth in Scripture or to our souls personally? 

In the last line of Matthew’s Gospel – Chapter 28 – verse 20, Jesus tells us the following:

“And know that I am with you always:

yes, to the end of time.”

I don’t know about you but for me, that is one promise that is signed, sealed and delivered to our souls. Jesus makes good on that promise and it is so beautifully brought forth in the song, “Way Maker.”

“You are here. . . working in this place!”

You are here . . . moving in our midst.”

Way Maker!

Miracle Worker!

Promise Keeper!

Light in the Darkness!

My God

That is Who You Are!

We may not be able to receive Him in the Holy Eucharist, nor attend Mass, or our other Holy Devotions but we have not lost Him!!!!  How could we!  He’s our very life breath and no coronavirus, nor flu, nor other disease or infection will ever take away the “Love of Christ” from us!

So when the evil one “comes a-knocking” with his fear tactics or floods your minds with thousands of negative thoughts that we are alone or abandoned or could possibly be the next victim of this virus. . .

Here’s The Words You Need to Say!


Which Retreat Do You Choose?

This morning in watching Mass on EWTN, Fr. Mitch Pachwa said in his homily that this is a time that can be used for a “National Retreat” or it can be used as a time for a “National Panic!”

Which one will you register for?

It’s our time now!

It’s our time for the “Front Lines” and as one friend told me, “It’s not time to be Swiss cheese.”

Before you go out to that “Front Line” and Do Battle by being “Lights in the World of this Darkness,” get a “Prayer Transfusion” from the Heart of Jesus. Saturate yourself with the Prayer of the Heart.

What might that be?  Anything that will give your soul “Life Giving Grace!”

Pray a Litany of Love to the Sacred Heart. . .

During this time of Lent. . . pray a Litany of the Passion. 

Set the Holy Face of Jesus before you always and make Him the Goal. . .


Just pray in thanksgiving for being born into this time.  You may think oddly of that statement but apparently the Creator of Life thought it “your time” to be present and that you would fulfill the mission at hand that was designated for your soul now!  Ponder those words!



Our Hands


Yes, our hands can be idle during this time or they can be of great good for the world.  Yes, we are called to pray like no other time but we are also called to help in any ways that is in God’s will is for us.

I have a dear friend who is a nurse.  Her heart wishes at this time  to be present before the Monstrance praying and adoring her Lord. But what does “her Lord” call her to but to minister to the sick right now and in that way “minister to Him!”  I know she is studding her crown in Heaven with beautiful jewels as she puts in those hours at the hospital caring for the sick.

She is fighting on the Front Lines, “hands not idle.”

The Rosary 

And yes, the Rosary!  Our weapon, our sword, our shield!

But most of all “our strength” as we look at this powerful image.

I cannot stress enough the book written by St. Louis de Montfort called

The Secret of the Rosary!  to be read and to be studied.

It sure was a secret to many of us!

In reading it with a group of 24 sisters and one brother during this time of Lent, we have learned more about how powerful the rosary can be and what promises are set forth by the Blessed Mother that is a privilege given to her by God to pass on to her Children!!!!

The Rosary isn’t just a group of Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s! Instead it is our Blessed Mother visiting with us,  sitting with us and taking out “her family picture album” showing us the life that she shared with her Son Jesus.  It may even be the Blessed Mother placing us as her “child”  in a carriage and “wheeling” us through the scenes of their lives.

And yes, even during this time of the coronavirus,

the Blessed Mother is

Strolling with us through the “Beads of our Rosary.”

There are so many ways we can enter into the mysteries and she reveals how to proceed in these times to us when we offer each bead, prayed devoutly and placed in her hands, as a beautiful exquisite rose.

The Rosary is the “weapon” for us for this time.

Blessed Alan de la Roche tells us that through the Holy Rosary we obtain the following:

Sinners are forgiven; 

Those that thirst are refreshed;

Those who are fettered have their bonds broken;

Those who weep find happiness;

Those who are tempted find peace;

Those poor find help;

Religious are reformed;

Those who are ignorant are instructed;

The living learn to overcome pride;

The dead (the Holy Souls) have their pains eased by suffrages.


I quote from “The Secret of the Rosary” words of Our Lady to Blessed Alan:

“I want people who have a devotion to my Rosary to have my Son’s

grace and blessing during their lifetime and at their death,

and after their death I want them to be freed from all slavery

so that they will be like kings

wearing crowns and with scepters in their hands

and enjoying eternal glory.”















©2020 Anita Guariglia

All Photo Credits/Instagram

Scripture taken from Jerusalem Bible

Youtube/Way Maker/Leeland

Quotes from Blessed Alan de la Roche taken from “The Secret of the Rosary” by St. Louis de Montfort