The “Warrior’s Cry for Life!”  What does that phrase mean exactly?  Well, right now we certainly could apply this string of words to the present moment that we are living in. Let’s find out the definition for “warrior” to see if we can better understand what this powerful word means exactly:

Warrior – a person engaged in, experienced in, or devoted to war.

A person who has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness.

To have a stoic willingness to suffer, if necessary,

to get what we want or to defend ourselves or others when we need to do so. 

The warrior values strength and fears being, or seeming to be, a wimp.

Who is like God?

So the word “warrior” means a person engaged in, experienced in, or devoted to war and that leads us right to the Archangel St. Michael.

Quis ut Deus?, a Latin sentence meaning “Who [is] like God?”, is a literal translation of the name Michael (Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל, transliterated Micha’el or Mîkhā’ēl). “Michael” appears as the name of several men in the Old Testament.

St. Michael leads us right to the book of Revelation in the following words of scripture taken from Chapter 12:7-8

And now war broke out in heaven,

when Michael with his angels attacked the dragon.

The dragon fought back with his angels, but they were defeated and driven out of heaven.”

After satan and his angels were driven from heaven, we read on through Revelation, the following:

“Let the heavens rejoice and all who live there,

but for you, earth and sea, trouble is coming –

because the devil has gone down to you in a rage,

knowing that his days are numbered.

You Are Being Drafted


You are being drafted to be a “Warrior for Life” now; A warrior that will fight the good fight!

A warrior that will fight the “unseen” whether it be in the form of the coronavirus that is taking so many lives throughout the world or plainly to fight against the “Culture of Death” that St. Pope John Paul II so aptly named our culture in this century.

This is a culture that chooses to be God and take the lives of innocent babies in the womb, the safest place to grow and be protected from harm. Yet, death comes to them “unseen” as the coronavirus seems to be coming to us, to our neighborhoods, our cities, our states and countries worldwide.  But then again, as Pope St. John Paul II stated, we have been living with death for many, many years now.

St. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 4-6 the following:

“We live in the flesh, of course, but the muscles that we fight with are not flesh. Our war is not fought with weapons of flesh, yet they are strong enough, in God’s cause, to demolish fortresses. We demolish sophistries, and the arrogance that tries to resist the knowledge of God;

every thought is our prisoner, captured to be brought into obedience to Christ.

Once you have given your complete obedience,

we are prepared to punish any disobedience.”


A Prophecy of 25 Years Ago

Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on 25 March, the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, in the year 1995, the seventeenth of my Pontificate – Pope John Paul II

“Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and killed him” (Gen 4:8): the roots of violence against life

7. “God did not make death, and he does not delight in the death of the living.

For he has created all things that they might exist …

God created man for incorruption, and made him in the image of his own eternity, but through the devil’s envy death entered the world, and those who belong to his party experience it” (Wis 1:13-14; 2:23-24).

The Gospel of life, proclaimed in the beginning when man was created in the image of God for a destiny of full and perfect life (cf. Gen 2:7; Wis 9:2-3), is contradicted by the painful experience of death which enters the world and casts its shadow of meaninglessness over man’s entire existence.

Death came into the world as a result of the devil’s envy (cf. Gen 3:1,4-5) and the sin of our first parents (cf. Gen 2:17, 3:17-19). And death entered it in a violent way, through the killing of Abel by his brother Cain: “And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and killed him” (Gen 4:8).

As I emphatically stated at Denver, on the occasion of the Eighth World Youth Day, “with time the threats against life have not grown weaker. They are taking on vast proportions. They are not only threats coming from the outside, from the forces of nature or the  “Cains’ who kill the Abels”;

No, they are scientifically and systematically programmed threats.

The twentieth century will have been an era of massive attacks on life, an endless series of wars and a continual taking of innocent human life. False prophets and false teachers have had the greatest success”.15

Aside from intentions, which can be varied and perhaps can seem convincing at times, especially if presented in the name of solidarity, we are in fact faced by an objective “conspiracy against life”, involving even international institutions, engaged in encouraging and carrying out actual campaigns to make contraception, sterilization and abortion widely available. Nor can it be denied that the mass media are often implicated in this conspiracy, by lending credit to that culture which presents recourse to contraception, sterilization, abortion and even euthanasia as a mark of progress and a victory of freedom, while depicting as enemies of freedom and progress those positions which are unreservedly pro-life.”



Why do I write about a “Warrior’s Cry for Life?” It goes back to seeing Our Lady walk amongst gravestones in a worldly cemetery during my participation in Holy Mass on December 31, 2018.  I saw Her walking in a white wispy dress gliding between tombstones praying sadly.  I couldn’t understand why I would see that, especially on the night of New Years Eve when one is looking forward to entering into a New Year.

It is now that I see with great clarity why!  It was also today when Mark Mallett quoted the following from

Ezekiel 37:1-14: The Dry Bones:

I will just give you the beginning of the scripture and will leave it to you to finish the “Word of God” on your own.

“The hand of Yahweh was laid on me, and he carried me away by the spirit of Yahweh and set me down in the middle of a valley, a valley full of bones.  He made me walk up and down among them.  There were vast quantities of these bones on the ground the whole length of the valley; and they were quite dried up.”

The rest of the scripture through verse 14 speaks  powerfully of “breathing on the dead; let them live.”

We Are Being Called NOW

We are being called “NOW.” It is now that we are enlisting in the “Angels’Army” to fight alongside St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and all the Holy Angels, especially our Guardian Angel.  It is NOW that Pope Francis exhorted us in his prayer and blessing on Friday, March 27th the following:

“The storm exposes our vulnerability and uncovers those false and superfluous certainties around which we have constructed our daily schedules, our projects, our habits and priorities. It shows us how we have allowed to become dull and feeble the very things that nourish, sustain and strengthen our lives and our communities. The tempest lays bare all our prepackaged ideas and forgetfulness of what nourishes our people’s souls; all those attempts that anesthetize us with ways of thinking and acting that supposedly “save” us, but instead prove incapable of putting us in touch with our roots and keeping alive the memory of those who have gone before us. We deprive ourselves of the antibodies we need to confront adversity.”

The  Antibodies

What are the antibodies that Pope Francis is speaking of?  It is those who have gone before us, the Saints, the Angels, Family members, Friends, the “World Family” and all the Souls in Purgatory. We are to “join forces” with them all.  They are the antibodies!


Yes!  Jesus hasn’t left us “orphans.” He’s given us a “Wealth of Antibodies” to call upon right now.

He’s moving about us. We are not alone.  He did not abandon us even in our poor choices of taking on the role of the “Creator” and leaving Him out.

Sooner or later it would come home to us and now we find ourselves seeing that we are not in control, we are not God.

We are only “alone” when we join the “ranks of the world” and the “conspiracy against Life” that is quoted above in Pope John Paul II’s speech of March 25, 1995 – The Feast of the Annunciation.


So Let Us Light the World

Our Churches may be closed, but we have been sent to the “cloisters” of our homes. Everyone is being called to the “Cry for Life,” everyone. And in that “Cry” we can be down on our knees in reparation for the sins caused against the “Giver of Life” and save souls, saving our own and those of our brothers and sisters.

Take up your rosary beads, “the weapon” as Padre Pio called it so powerfully!  As long as our Churches are closed we can attend Mass with EWTN (4 times a day thanks be to God to Mother Angelica), We can make spiritual communions and we can hold conversation in the quiet with Jesus our Lord and Savior.

We can go to St. Michael the Archangel, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael, imploring their help along with our Guardian Angels and the Nine Choirs of Angels!

Yes! Take up your rosary beads and pray the following “Battle prayer” for strength for the “Warrior” that you are being called to be “Right Now!”

It is derived from the Divine Mercy Diary – Notebook V – Passage 1498.  Very simply you can begin your day with rosary in hand praying these prayers for the battle that lies ahead, not only for ourselves but for the world.

Know that you are on the “Winning Team!” The following image states it all!

©2020 Anita Guariglia

Photo Credits/Instagram

Scripture taken from Jerusalem Bible definition for warrior

YouTube/Dry Bones/Daigle