Four little words. . . “Thy Will be Done.”  Yes, four little words that must be music to God’s ears when He hears them voiced from His children’s hearts.  He first heard them from our Blessed Mother when she gave her fiat to the Angel Gabriel’s invitation to be the Mother of God. That fiat unlocked the Realms of Glory for us then and they still unlock Realms of Glory in the present time when we give our very own fiat.

As you can see, I am still  writing about the Will of God in our lives. It seems like it is a continuation or possibly a part two from my last posting on “You’re Gonna Be Okay.” In my own prayer, I find sometimes that  Jesus still wants to talk about a certain subject with me and does not want to move on to something else that I may have on my mind. He seems to be continuing on with my prior post and so I am sharing it with you.  I thought I would be posting “Lentils, Love and the Lord,” however, “Thy Will be Done” Lord!  So,  here I go trying to make sense to you in this particular posting what He wants to convey to my heart and possibly to yours!

It seems of late that Jesus is using beautiful music to speak His word to my soul. I found His word in lyrics sung by Hillary Scott in “Thy Will be Done.”  The words are just as haunting, truthful and awesome as “You’re Gonna Be Okay.”  I invite you now to read on with open hearts listening to the words that Hillary sings out to our God.

Hillary sings some of the following verses that are so poignant. . .

I’m so confused I know I heard You loud and clear,

So I followed through . . . somehow I ended up here.

I know you think of things I could never think about.

Trying to make sense of all Your Promises.

Sometimes, I gotta stop and remember that You are God, and I am not.

I know You see me, I know You hear me Lord,

Your plans are for me,

Goodness you have in store!

We know that He knows very well what we are going through. He knows our hearts better than we do.  And so . . . He knows what is best for us.  Somehow, we think we may know better than He! Aren’t we the ones in control of our lives here on earth?

We vacillate in so many ways in our journey with the Lord!  We run hot and cold . . . one minute it is yes Lord . . . the next minute it is no. . .

Yes, Yes, Lord . . .

I will be obedient and do whatever You ask of me . . . but please don’t ask me to do that!

Are you asking me to leave my safe, cushy comfort zone?

Are you asking me to walk out on the water towards you and trust?

Are you asking me to face the possible death of a spouse, friend or family member?

Are you asking me to end a relationship that possibly isn’t good for me?

Are you asking me to wave the white flag and just plain “surrender” in my present situation and let “You” be at the helm?

The questions are endless and so are some of the following protests that follow:

That’s not really the voice of Jesus speaking to me!

Jesus! I really don’t want to do it that way!

Things will change . . . I can do this without Your help!

Could I have a little more time in complying to Your Will?

Isn’t that what St. Augustine answered back? . . . Yes Lord! . . . But Not Yet!

“If today you  hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” I reflected on these words as Msgr. Michael repeated them over and over again from the pulpit at  Sunday’s Mass on January 28th.  Why did he repeat those words over and over? I believe he was trying to plant those words deeply into our minds so our hearts could bear much fruit.  Could it be that possibly “Thy Will be Done,” can only be achieved in soft and loving hearts open to the voice of Jesus?

We can be so closed to Jesus’ point of view and be immersed in our own way of thinking that we do end up with a hardened heart. That state of being can clog up our hearing like a wax build up because we find ourselves so caught up in our busyness and anxieties of the present moment. Following are some pearls of wisdom taken from the Office of Readings for January 31st by Diadochus of Photice, bishop, that could help us prepare our hearts to listen:

Therefore, we must maintain great stillness of mind, even in the midst of our struggles. We shall then be able to distinguish between the different types of thoughts that come to us: those that are good, those sent by God, we will treasure in our memory; those that are evil and inspired by the devil we will reject.  A comparison with the sea may help us.  A tranquil sea allows the fisherman to gaze right to its depths.  No fish can hide there and escape his sight. The stormy sea, however, becomes murky when it is agitated by the winds.  The very depths that it revealed in its placidness, the sea now hides. The skills of the fisherman are useless.

I am confident that Jesus wanted us to listen to Hillary Scott’s, “Thy Will be Done” as a follow-up to “You’re Gonna Be Okay.” Maybe with Lent quickly approaching, He wanted to hand out to us some Q-tips to ready ourselves to have soft and open hearts ready to receive His Word and His Will for us rather than hardened ones.

Then hopefully, with the Grace of God, we can reply back as quickly as our Blessed Mother did to the Angel, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, said Mary “let what you have said be done to me.” 

“I will hear what the Lord God has to say,

a voice that speaks of peace,

peace for his people and his friends

and those who turn to him in their hearts.”

Psalm 85-9

©2018 Anita Guariglia

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Scripture –  January 2018 Magnificat

Second Reading from the Treatise On Spiritual Perfection by Diadochus of Photice, Bishop – Liturgy of the Hours – Book III

Jerusalem Bible: Luke 1:38