Queen of Peace Media is looking for talented, Catholic, young adults who feel called to create videos of engaging and informative Catholic content.


One of the largest battle for souls is happening over the Internet. Our world is suffocating from sin, and those of you with faith and those of you with faith can help save them! To what better use could you apply your time and God-given talents?


As you may know, there isn’t much of Catholic presence on the Internet for youth and young adults, and yet you are the future of the Church! Here at Queen of Peace Media is to be the central place online where anyone can learn about the Catholic faith from creative people like yourself. Do you feel called to create short videos or video blogs (vlogs) that encourage, entertain, edify, explain, enliven and engage youth or young adults in the Catholic faith? Then we’re calling you!


Click here to download a flyer to post in colleges and places where Catholic young adult talent is to be found! Thank you for spreading the word!




If auditioning for a single video, please submit as many videos as you wish, making each of them no longer than 3.5 minutes, edited. Address a single topic or theme with each video. Give each video a title.

If auditioning for a vlog (a series of journalistic videos), edit and submit only the first and second vlogs in your series. Each should be 3.5 minutes or less. Decide upon a theme for your vlog, and give it a name. If your vlog is accepted, we ask a commitment of submitting either one video weekly or every 2 weeks for 5 months. This would total a 10-set series or a 20-set series, depending on your preference. You may, of course, submit the videos in batches, as long as we have one video on hand from you to post on the same day each week. (If you would like to be vlogger, when you submit your initial videos, please also include an outline of your series of future episodes. Be as descriptive as possible.)

Please submit video that is shot in high definition (1080p or 4k). You can include non-high-def footage sparingly for artistic effects or flashbacks.

We will let you know within a week whether or not your submission was accepted. We may request revisions and edits before your submission is accepted. If your video is chosen, it is done so with the understanding that you will not post your video(s) elsewhere on the worldwide web, and Queen of Peace will retain the final rights. You are free to and encouraged to promote your videos on your personal pages, such as Facebook, by linking to the Queen of Peace Media site.

Upon acceptance of your video(s), we will send you instructions regarding how to make an effective thumbnail picture for it (a thumbnail is the picture that shows up on YouTube). We will add to it our Queen of Peace Media brand logo. We will also ask you to write and send us a description of the video content to be included in your YouTube description.

Videos should be sent to Conor Maher at Because they are large files, you may send them through Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. Include the names of any single videos you submit, and if you submit the first two videos of a proposed vlog series, give us the name of the series.

Below are YouTube videos for you to watch to give you tips on making a good single video or vlog. The vlog tips below also apply to single videos.

Making a good vlog:

Turning your phone into a vlogging tool:

Tips from successful vloggers:

Production Tips:

We encourage you to continue educating yourself beyond these training videos and to check out what kind of Catholic content is on the web. How might you offer a personal twist to what is already out there or create something completely different that has never been done before? Below are some Catholic channels on YouTube:

New Catholic Generation:

Ascension Press:



We thank you for your submissions. You will naturally learn more and more as you create each video, and those that aren’t accepted can always be posted wherever you wish! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. We welcome you to continue to submit more videos going forward, and we appreciate all your efforts.